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Hello my friends!

I’ll start posting my work on this great forum … criticisms and suggestions are welcome!

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Military Truck

This truck was modeled for a game portfolio developed by the company where I used to work. Now I finished the scene in the way I wanted ...=) I Hope you all enjoy it! [![MilitarTruck_01_final.gif|1000x537](upload://1AR4kK8lwPnmzq3eBz1eefbqiTO.gif)](javascript:zb_insimg('188237','MilitarTruck_02_wire_final.gif',1,0))





Nice model. I like the texture work, particularly the dried mud over on the vehicle behind the back wheel. :+1:

That’s really good, but was Zbrush used on any part of it? :+1: :+1:

Muito Bom Moises.Really like the textures especially the dried mud. As asked before where did you use zbrush on the project tho, was it for texturing?Oh and did you happen to work for digital light by any chance?I think i saw a military truck on the website they were making for game props and stuff

What a beautiful truck!

ah i think i’ve encountered …look at the door …there he used zbrush… is it true?

Webhead - Thank you for post! A big hug

[EricShawn](http://member.php?u=153408) - Firstly thank you for the compliments! I used Zbrush in parts of the canvas of the truck! I'll post one up with the image of Zbrush! [Sathanael](http://member.php?u=118858) - hank you I'm glad you enjoyed! Only I used Zbrush to do the pads and cabin door! I modeled this truck for the company's portfolio ... which unfortunately did not work! A big hug [SolidSnakexxx](http://member.php?u=12969) - Thank you my friend !!! [O/MI](http://member.php?u=169817) - kkk ... That's right my friend! You hit ...:lol:


fine job! :slight_smile: :+1:

Yeah Moises!!! my friend!!!
Excelnt work Great Stufff
And keep going!!!

O/MI and ArthurDuque - Thanks my friend !!!

This is a render ing truck without texture to show the modeling!





Good stuff!!!

Looks great without the textures, too. :+1:

Nice… :smiley: :+1:

Foda, muito foda! Congratz my friend! This truck is great, perfect!:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Great work my brother, very well done, perfect!!! A big hug!!!

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The initial idea about that Mariner was to study modeling. I have a great admiration for some artists like Fausto de Martine, Bulgarov, Alex Oliver, Rick Fernades Antropus, Grasset among many others! So I decided to take this Mariner as a personal challenge as using a lot of references from these artists specially from Fausto de Martini and Bugarov.

In this work were used the following software:

3DStudioMAx 2009
Zbrush 3.1
Photoshop CS3