Moises Gomes - SketchBook

I think this is pretty nice! I like the armor design and the texture/shader that you created for it. I can see you put a good amount of thought into the design (through cables, pistons, ect) and it shows as being something that could be functional, therefore believable.

The thing that bugs me is that the silhouette’s “weight” is a bit unbalanced. The arms and legs are massive but everything else looks quite small in comparison. I think that if you create a torso, neck and hips armor to balance the weight of the limbs, everything will fall together perfectly.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: This is great work anyway.

Beneto - Thank you for the compliments my friend. I am very glad you enjoyed the next job will take more care about the proportion of the model!

A big hug!

this is probably my favorite posts in a long time great work

Greaty my friend!!!
excelent Stuff!!!
great models and textures!!!
keep going

Wow…great texturing work…love the wear and tear of the texture so much!

thank you for the compliments!..a big hug my friends !!!






Great texturing! love it

Amazing texture. How do you get the multiple materials layered like that?

This Textures are crazy!!!

You rocks My friend!!

Texturing is very nice! One crit would be your normal/bump is a bit too strong in my opinion.

bravo Moises Gomes!!! great texturing.

regardless of how much zbrush was used on the truck, it is fantastic. 5 stars in my book. the cyborg guy i would say all the machinery looks great, but i would say the character needs some work. still very great pieces.

schiefer - Thanks my friend

EricShawn - i use only a difuse map, however I do do some extra work with the specular and bump maps so I can achieve that multi layered look.

arthurduque - Thanks my friend … A big hug …=)

Kskovbo - First thanks for the post ! I´ll be more care the next Job !!!

Michalis - Thanks !

BillyT - Thanks for coments ! I ’ ll check this!

Up the Mariners! This is the model I made in Zbrush! I’m still improving my organic modeling … Thanks





This is looking good - interested to see where u take it next . . .

It reminds me of that old kids’ cartoon Centurions (i think that was the title), when one of the heroes was kinda merged with a motorbike exo-skeleton.

Good stuff :+1:

excellent work man keeprocking:+1:

Cool new piece, I like the mix of hard surface and organic you have going on. Looking forward to seeing how this piece turns out :slight_smile:

Klephed - Thanks my friend! I do not remember this drawing … kkkkk

Karthik.AL - Thanks !!!

Dark_Cloud - Thanks my friend I’m glad you enjoyed!

I’m currently studying human anatomy and these are some studies I did with my great friend and teacher Rick Fernandes!

Hope you…:sunglasses: