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Hi Folks,
just took a look at the first 5 videos from the Meats Meier ZBrush 3 DVD from Gnomon and I was very impressed. I’m a beginner to ZBrush although only having gone through the Practical gGuide with Version 2.5 and just dabbled with V3 when I received it, I was kind of hoping for the V3 Practical Guide to come out soon before getting serious. Cannot speak for ZBrush oldtimers, but if you’re a beginner like me, spend the 50 bucks and get the DVD. It’s worth it. I am in no way connected to Gnomon nor have I ever met Mr Meier, but as a in the education business I heartily recommend it.
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Just got my tracking number. It’s arriving Thursday!

…not that any of you care. :lol:

I just ordered my copy as well. :smiley:


Just got my copy yesterday. Very recommendable DVD. I already owned the “Introduction to ZBrush 2” DVD but I learned a lot of new stuff about ZBrush 3 with the new DVD. Meats is a phantastic artist and teacher. I like the way he explains things very much.

I´m not through all the videos yet, but the weekend is coming… :smiley:


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I’ve been using ZB for 3 years and went through Meats’ DVD mostly to familiarize myself with the new stuff. I was pleased to see Meats was still showing me stuff I hadn’t thought of or explored very thoroughly.:+1:

Highly recommended for both beginners and those that want to brush up on their ZB technique.


I finally got my DVD on Tuesday and have spent the last two nights watching it. I am rather impressed to say the least. Consider this a plug if you like but the DVD is well worth the price. I’ve spent the last few weeks beating my head against my desk, diligently going through the various tutorials and the available reference material in an effort to wrap my head around the interface and try and establish a work flow in order to produce some work. I’m a neophyte when it comes to Zbrush but have done a lot of work in other packages primarily 2D, i.e. Photoshop, Painter, and have even worked in the older 3D packages such as Lightwave when it was originally released on the Amiga and Alias Power Animator before they renamed it Maya, yeah, I’m older. The point being is that I was having a fair bit of difficulty of grasping a work flow that would take advantage of the seemingly disparate parts of ZBrush and Meats’ DVD has substantially flattened the learning curve. So, Meats, thanks. And, if nothing else it’s worth the price of admission just to find him discover that he’s created a “seriously wounded frog.”

Wow, thanks so much for the nice feedback!

I’m glad it’s helpfull to people…very glad. :slight_smile:

MadMutant -

worth the price of admission just to find him discover that he’s created a “seriously wounded frog.”

Lol. Yep, that poor thing… :wink:

I hope to see some of you at the PUG meeting tonight!

yes, i always buy EVERY DVD Meats has to offer. all of his 4 DVD´s a just fantastic…very well explained and never boring. a real big help for this complex tool ZB…especially with version 3 ! greetz markus

I Got Mine!!! And I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!

I’m still waiting to receive my copy which I ordered a few days back. I really hope the DVD contains some good lessons to get to grips with ZBrush 3.

Hopefully, this DVD will be available for download sometime soon (hint, hint) the shipping charge to NZ just makes it a bit to expensive for me at present.

The DVDs are solid. They teach what needs learnin’. Are they a “must have”? I’m not sure – but they’re a very nice luxury.

A lot of the material covered can be learned through online research and forum discussion. Let’s get that out of the way.

But I have to say that everything I was able to pick up on my own over the past months is easily covered in the first few hours of this. Heck, even within what was review for me, there were tips I had no idea about. And then there’s whole areas I hadn’t gotten around to on my own – I don’t want to think about how long it would have taken to internalize those…

If you’re desperately trying to hold on to every penny, you can struggle by without this. But if your time is worth money, the investment will save a lot more than it costs.

I would also like to see a download option. Shipping costs to SA are more than the price of the DVD!

I am not “Desperately” trying to save money, but I am just a hobbyist. Other companies are starting to offer the DVD or as a download option to help there International customers (and I would imagine it helps with sales as well).
Being able to download and watch the tut’s that day instead of waiting sometimes upto 3 weeks for the delivery is also a plus.
I will probably look at purchasing this DVD anyway in the near future, when the finances allow, as I keep hearing such good things about this Tutorial series.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

Last year the average price for a Gnomon dvd was $70 they’ve reduced their prices and the new Meats dvd is $50. It would be a bargain even at the old price.

We are lucky that so much high quality training is actually available for a product produced by such a small company. It is very unusual.

Like Kerwin said earlier, I’ve been using ZB for 3.5 years & when I watched this DVD I still learnt stuff, in fact when I bought Meats Gnomon intro to ZB2 I learnt a bunch of stuff even though I’d been using it for a while…

Meats you’re a legend keep up the great work…

Meats has stated in a couple of different threads now that he does plan to get the rest of the DVD up on gnomonology.com, but that he has to meet a few outside deadlines before he can give that the attention it deserves.

(…which is a little strange – gnomon has the footage; I’m not sure why they’d need him to encode and upload it. Maybe it’s an editing thing. Either way, I guess it’s good for quality control that he remain involved.)

Anyway, I hope my “desperate to save money” comment didn’t rub anyone the wrong way – it was more a reflection of my own situation than a criticism of anyone else.

Hi Ctrl-Z, I was not trying to suggest that you had “rubbed me up the wrong way” (sounds painfull), just that some of us don’t live in the USA and never get the sometimes offer of “free shipping” (see Amazon), we always have shipping charges and I have no problem paying for shipping either, it is just a lot easier and cheaper for us outsiders :smiley: to purchase downloadable material (except if you are still on dialup).
Anyway i will be looking forward to the DVD when the finances allow.

I think its a very good DVD, but dont get me wrong, sometimes I feel that Meats should not explain the basics…its a waste because we could learn a lot of those things with other people, so I think we would want more a Meats dvd, with his unique tecnics, like when he did that Illustration dvd. I feel sometimes its like a lesson with Steve Vai explaining some basic chords(sorry for my example, I play guitar also) …its a waste, …Introduction to Advanced Meats Meier Tecnics for ZBrush 3 , maybe the next one…an illustration from start to finish, plus his animation tecnics with live film, that would be cool…
Meats rules, its a great teacher and artist

Meats you’re a legend
Thanks Buckie! Just in my own mind…well, not really ever there… :wink:


(…which is a little strange – gnomon has the footage; I’m not sure why they’d need him to encode and upload it

[/i]It’s because a few key people are out of town right now and I don’t have a second to spare to do it, or even know exactly how. I’m in the middle of the best project I’ve ever been on :smiley: Thanks Ctrl-Z

sometimes I feel that Meats should not explain the basics
Well, at this point I believe that I am one of a handfull of people that really know the whole program enough (and have actually created things with it) to explain it in depth. The other people work for Pixologic. You might notice the other training dvds have skipped talking about some of the new features. It’s because they don’t understand it yet. I’m sure they will also get a lot out of my DVD when it arrives on their doorsteps :wink:
I was on the core beta team and got to test, re-test, study, and use the program as the features were being developed and going through their various iterations. A few months from now, that will change of course as people dive into it, but for now I am in a unique position - experienced teacher and close friend of Pixologic :+1: