Meats DVD

We’ve noticed… :wink:

I would’ve liked to have seen this DVD hit Gnomonology at the same time as the DVD was released. Reason one being I could have just downloaded the bits I needed & missed out the stuff I knew. Reason two being, the delivery cost more than the DVD itself, plus I had to wait a week to get it…

Alex you reading this??? :smiley: :wink:

PS: Meats I just checked out the bonus material on the DVD, you are hardcore off the hook sir, awesome matchmove skills…

i was unable to purchase the original dvd for zbrush 2 so when meats produced for 3 i jumped at it . it arrived today and i have been riveted to the screen, the approach to the training is well balanced and i now feel most of the mystery has been removed great dvd.
ps i also feel a download would be a good idea, $62.50 postage and 3 days late

Does Meats go in depth on the new topology tools on this DVD? I was on the beta team but never had a chance to use the topology tools much. Now that I’m trying them out, so much is undocumented and just plain buggy that I wish I had earlier.

One topic I’m really interested in is getting around some of the limitations the topology tools have with fingers and toes, and problems with producing holes in meshes. If Meats explains something similar to this on the DVD then I’m putting an order in immediately.

*Note - I just wanna know if the information is on the dvd, NOT a step by step on how he does it.


Yes, he explains Topology and Projection quite well (at least I thought so.)

I’m not sure he’ll solve some of the limits of technique around branching objects. :slight_smile:


ehm, ok…and now let’s see the normal map…slide this bar for this…the other for that…and now you’d better to download the zmapper(that of course is just zb2)…end of lecture 5 WHAT?! :lol:

I’m in the middle of the best project I’ve ever been on :smiley:
Must be talking about that Maynard project.

To tell you the truth Im glad hes getting a decent artist because the claymation work in some of the other vid’s are not great IMO. (even tho I know its a band member who did them)

Anyway, if I think about tool music, some of your great images definitely spring to mind. So many videos do not do justice to the music which they represent, they should be grateful to have you working on their project.

{All based upon the assumption that the project your talking about is the Puscifer album}

As for the dvd, Im ordering it tomorrow or the next day because Im new to zbrush and Im looking forward to all the info. It is relatively low priced compared to other gnomon stuff also. Which is a good thing.

to much money=79$ DVD+70$delivery outside UEA=149$+/-:confused:
with 79$ in SimpleMaya you get lot of high quality video…
nothing to do with Meat artist quality… probably if he intercede to allow downloaded version will be fine.

to much money=79$ DVD+70$delivery outside UEA=149$+/- :confused:
with 79$ in SimpleMaya you get lot of high quality video…
nothing to do with Meat artist quality… probably if he intercede to allow downloaded version will be fine
This page only says $49 us:

Am I missing something? Thats why I said it was cheaper, most gnomon stuff is like $69.:o

But I agree about a download version.

I’d like to say thanks Meats for putting together such a great DVD.

I ordered “intro to z3” the day it came out and watched it all the way through.

it is 6 hours… but in the end you will be saving yourself time. knowing how to effectively use z3’s amazing tools is a huge time saver.

watching the DVD all the way through is the best thing anyone can do when learning z3. I highly recommend it!


I am about half way through, and have to say I am loving the DVD! Thanks Meats!


Even if the DVD was $50 USD and $50 USD for shipping, it would be worth it. It is six hours of pratical, high-quality instruction. I paid around $80 for the DVD plus express shipping and it was well worth it. The ideas I got from one viewing ensured the happiness of two clients worth far more than the pittance Gnomon is charging for Meat’s first-rate instruction.

Yes, I liked the DVD.

(Personally I think Gnomon makes a mistake by not subsidizing their shipping in the DVD price. By exposing their high shipping costs, they’re turning people off. They should have priced the DVD at $60 and said “Free Ground Shipping” and they’d have fewer complaints. With the extra $10/unit, they could even finance more bandwidth for a Download version through a DL hosting service.)


I would agree, where would you get 6 hours of tuition from a Zbrush guru like Meats for $120, $20 an hour guys, I doubt Meats comes that cheap, I’d say it’s a bargain…

thanks Meats love the DVD its really helping me getting started although i hate the shipping cost :cry: but it worths.

Thanks to Meats, I finally know what the hell I’m doing!

The intro DVD was very nice, but, Meats, do you have plans on doing some sort of project DVD(s) for Z3 in the future? Where you just hash out, step by step a sculpture and let us watch you make it and speak about what you’re doing as we faithfully follow along? I learn so much better by working along then by “this tool does this, good luck!” sort of things…

I finally got the dvd and started viewing it, the bonus material movie is just phenomenal! Absolutely mid-blowing stuff. After viewing the animated zbrush work, Meats Meier definitely goes down as one of the best artists out there. Just phenomenal visionary stuff. I dont know if you guys have seen this video or if it is just on the dvd bonus material, but you will absolutely be floored by it, I guarantee it.

RaelNorth, After watching a good part of the vids, I think everything is there you need to create a project of your own, it is just a matter of applying what you’ve seen.

Hi all… just a heads up that we have made all 13 chapters of the ‘Intro to Zbrush 3’ DVD available for download at Gnomonology.com!


We received a lot of requests for this… so there it is. :slight_smile:


I live just north of the border, but whenever I order such stuff, book, dvd, it still takes about a week or more to arrive. I really don’t care for physical versions, cover designs and all that. When I order things like software, video tuts, etc., I prefer the download version because I want it right at this moment. Now. It’s also cheaper.

Have had the Meats DVD for a few days now.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, have not had
the time to finish it.

But based on what I have seen already…


The DVD is fantastic…

If you are new to Zbrush (like myself) then this is a must have!!! GO GET IT!! :smiley: