Matchbox Sketchbook

I´m a zbrush beginner but i got to say that it´s an amazing program. I visit zbrushcentral on a daily basis and i´m so impressed by all the supertalented artists who show their work here. I think it´s time to start my own sketchbook. This is a young monkey I´m currently working on. It´s sculptured in zbrush and rendered with vray.

looks great, keep up the good work. looks like an ape rather than a monkey? regardless looks convincing.

Fantastic :+1:
Regards Kecaj

Thank you for your kind words Hybryd75 and Kecaj! And yes, ape is probably the right word!:slight_smile:

Looks great and your first sculpt too :o, you might like run a small amount of inflate as the final pass to give your wrinkles more volume, I find when rendering with SSS, the forms often get flatten out.

Thank you for your comment and advise johnchen!
Here is an update. I have started on the body and some clothing.

looking awesome!

Wow, your work doesn’t look like a beginner. I look forward to seeing the finished render.

Kul att se dig här! :slight_smile:
Ser riktigt lovande ut :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

It looks really good.

This looks like such a blast! gah! Can’t wait to see it finished! :smiley:

WOAAA ! that is a great start, the face is simply incredible and shirt and Tshirt have just what it needs of folds. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thank you so much johnchen, bkcarlson, craigz, Santis and jbmonge for your super friendly and supportive comments! It is an honor to get such a good response from you!!!
Santis: kul att se dig också! Superfina grejer du har gjort!

Here is a little update. Lots of things to fix but i´m learning alot!

this is turning out great. I think the mouth could do with a fine wrinkle pass and a bit more red in the skin. awesome

Thank you Johnchen! I will definitely look into that.

It looks great.

Thank you Vlad!

Absolutely amazing! iv been wondering what program to experiment with fur/hair. As fiber mesh just looks horrible i think. How is VRAY? easy to create the hair?

I wouldn´t agree on that about fibermesh, I have seen artists here use it in a brilliant way! This was the first time I tried fibermesh but i only used it to recomb hair and fur inside 3ds max.

Hello again! I have been in a cabin in the woods all summer without a computer. Now that I´m back in the city again I will try to finish this guy! I felt that I should try to sculpt some hands for him, this is how it looks in zbrush.