MatCap Baker! unofficial - Information, Installation

MatCap Baker

(Current Version 2.6 Updated 10/01/2015)

MatCap Baker automates the process of capturing MatCap data from a UV’d model to a Texture Map.
Process was originally covered in a Zbrush 3.5 Zclassroom video. http://www.pixologic.com/blog/2009/06/352/
Updated video for ZBrush 4 on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS5glTYDYkw

This plugin is unofficial.

Main features

  • Automatically generates a Baked MatCap texture from an UV'd model
  • Will automatically generate a Texture Map from PolyPainting if one doesn't exsist
  • Will automatically generate a Displacement Map if one doesn't exsist
  • Additional Changeable Options:


  • Flip UV on MatCap Texture Generation
  • Automatically Open Export Dialog
  • Generating Displacement for any Subdivision (useful if wanting to generate MatCap cavity maps)
  • Set-able Texure Map Size to generate the Baked MatCap Map
  • Ability to set Displacement Intensity before Baking
  • [/LIST]
    • Other features involving canvas sizing


  • Resize Canvas to Match Texture Size
  • Restore Original Canvas Size after Baking
  • [/LIST]



    UnZip the attached MatCapBakerV#.#.ZIP file to your \Pixologic\ZBrush 4R4\ZStartup\ZPlugs\ folder.
    Restart ZBrush.
    MatCap Baker will be located under the Zplugin tab.

    Change Log

    v1.6: Initial Public Release
    v1.7: Fixed error when interface UI button size is less then 40


    Felt like doing a little ZScripting after Siggraph. This script is one I meant to create a long time ago and never got around to it. I am a pretty poor coder so please post and bugs/grammatical errors you find and I will attempt to fix them.

    I have a few more ZScripts I hope to release in the next few days. Hope this one helps save some time!








    MatCapBakerv1_7.zip (57.4 KB)


    thankyou Piggson.these userswere looking for this, decided since you were logged in that it would be better of you making a posting pointing them to your wonderfull plugin.

    Very nice work, have been looking forward to this for a longtime to speed up the workflow …:slight_smile:
    did a couple of test with 3ds max Vray and baked matcap and really like the result.


    Ive always like the use of matcaps and this is going to be very helpful. will try it out soon!

    Thanks for the time & effort that has gone into this, a very helpful plug-in.


    Very cool! I love the automated features!

    Fantastic tool! I’ve been waiting for this for ages, thank you so much!

    thanks for your hard work
    pixologic should have done this a LONG time ago.

    I wonder why Pixo did not do this ??? well Piggson thanks you are the King !

    thanks for this plug in! this is very very usefull!!!

    looks nice, I have to try it!!

    Tried with DemoHead with UVs from UVMaster : Not being successful at using it for the moment.
    If i use standard material it’s baking the default Red Wax, well i suppose it’s normal, it’s a Matcap baker right.

    If i use for instance ReflectedRed matcap, the result is not reflective at all.
    Ah, and in the end i still have to re-flip the texture, is it normal ? Maybe i shouldn’t use the ‘Flip UVs’ option after all ?

    Thanks a lot Joseph. :+1:

    So the process is in the plug in or do you have to do the tutorial above along with the plug in?

    Sorry, i’m just a bit confused on how this works since I rarely work with matcaps and still new to zBrush. If it outputs what I think it does then awesome.

    great stuff dud

    tech question : which language do you use to create this plugin ?

    thx !

    Much needed, I will test this out on a realtime model. :smiley:

    Hello, I was searching allover forums elsewhere for this workflow. thank you for this plug in! xxx :lol:

    I’m getting some overlap with the buttons in this script. My UI button size is set to 38 because I’m on a 15in laptop but if I set back to 40 it fixes it.


    <style id="_clearly_component__css" type=“text/css”>#next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; } </style>

    Thanks for finding this! I’ll see about finding time to fix it this week =)