MatCap Baker! unofficial - Information, Installation

tnx a lot for this one! you rule supreme!

Thanks for all the support! Glad the plugin is useful =)

@tonare: The plugin automates the process shown in the tutorials. It pretty much renders the tutorials useless :slight_smile:
@cgvinny: The plugin is entirely coded using ZScripting; nothing too fancy.
@ionblue: I uploaded a new version that should fix the button issue =)


OK, I thought so, but I had to ask. Thanks man. :smiley:

i waiting for this all my time

Wonderfull work!!!

i try and i must retry becauce not working for me at this time


is this intended, or is this a bug?
When I try to use the bake MatCaps tool, it works, but it doesn’t make a texture of the used matcaps in the subtool (different materials are in my subtool). It bakes a texture with the material, which is selected as current material.
So my matcap-texture contains only one material and not all materials of the selected subtool.
Do I make something wrong or is this way of reaction of the plugin intended?

Thanks fpr your answer, and anyway, it’s a very useful plugin.


Looks to be an awesome Zplug, and timing is great as I have a project that I might need this one for sure! Thanks for working this up! -Will be a big help!

Thank you!

Joseph, I’ve been dreaming of this for years, thanks so much!!!

I don’t think it actually bakes your vertex poly colors and materials. This Zscript is only doing what we have been able to do all along but much much faster now. What I recommend is that you paint a mask first and then apply materials to your unmasked areas and then send your mask to photoshop so you can easily combine your matcap renders using this zscript.


thank’S for your answer. That’s in fact, what I did to work around the problem. So, anyway, it’s a good tool, as I wrote.

Thank you


Just wanted to say thank you so much for this, this is beyond fantastic! Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks! Can’t say it enough. (:

Gonna go check it out right now!

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I get black square only =(((((
and again

Can you post the ZTL file that is causing the issue? I’d gladly take a look at it and see if I can find a solution :slight_smile:


But today it WORKS! (after my sweet dream)

Thank you!!! =)))

Adaptive doesn’t always give the best results for the displacement map, is there a way to turn that off and turn smooth UV on when creating the displacment for the plane automatically?

MatCap Baker
(Ver 2.1 Updated 9/27/2012)

Usage (Updated with new features!)matcap_2_1_image1.jpg

Change Log

v1.6: Initial Public Release
v1.7: Fixed error when interface UI button size is less then 40
v2.1: Added options for turning Adaptive On/Off, SmoothUV On/Off. Added buttons to force the recreation of the texture and displacement maps. Displacement intensity will now be set from the automatically generated ‘Alpha Depth Value’ of the displacement map unless ‘Use Manual Intensity’ is On. Fixed the resolution when recreating a displacement/texture to be 1:1 with ‘Texture Map Size.’ Added option to generate the displacement from a Morph target if one exists (finds the morph target automatically, switches to it and generates the displacement map.) Changed/Reorganized the interface some to handle all the additional features.


A bunch of stuff was added to this version; if something has changed that you don’t particularly like let me know. Once again there could be bugs; please let me know if you run into any and i’ll attempt to resolve them!




MatCapBakerv2_1.zip (57.8 KB)