Marcus Trolldenier Sketchbook


Hey Guys, I’m new here :). I would like to post some of my work I’ve done over the last few month. If you like my work, please feel free to follow me on social media. thanks


HiRes images can be found here:


Toad // texturing practice

Here’s a quick texturing exercice which I did last night. I started with some primitives for building up a basemesh. To bring them into form and position I used the GIZMO tool inside of ZBrush. After that, I merged them all together by using dynamesh and started the initial sculpting process. At this stage I was very focused to give some realistic anatomical forms to the model, so (for me) this was the most time consuming part of the modeling process. Now it’s time to establish the structure of the skin surface by using some alphas. After I’m happy with the overall feel of the model, I started the texturing process. Well, one of my goals was to use less programms as possible. So, I did the whole modeling and texturing process in ZBrush. For the rendering part I used Keyshot.


Looks slick my friend. I too just did a frog (heavily stylized) I think you’ve nailed it


Thank you!:slight_smile:


Creature Concept // Oviraptor // WIP
HiRes Images -

ZBrush Video:

Here’s a new creature concept which I started earlier this week. It’s still a work in progress, so I want to give him some texture and pose him as soon as possible. The post includes some screenshots and a video who shows my process of builing up a basemesh by inserting and manipulating some primitives, as well as a rough sculptover to establish the main forms based on some kind of a “anatomical framework”. The Idea behind this creature is based on some real dinosaur species named “Oviraptoridae”, but it’s not a correct reproduction of the original prehistoric animal (no feathers etc.). Hope you like it :slight_smile:



HiRes Images -

ZBrush Turntable:

So, here’re the final Images of my last creature project (here you can find the WIP Images of the project - It’s only a personal work or rather a personal challenge in terms of anatomy, sculpting, posing, texturing etc… Sometimes it’s very hard to motivate myself for this kind of exercises… but when I finally start working, I can’t stop :). Hope you like it!



I really enjoy this! That’s a lovely work :wink:


Thank you, Mickael :smiley:


Really good. I like the way you build your basic shapes.
Good renders too.


Thanks, Erik :slight_smile:


HiRes images can be found here -

Timelapse (posing in ZBrush) -

Hey guys, here’s some new stuff which I did as a student work for Pierre Bejamin Laffoux ZBrush 2018 Workshop. It shows a running Protoceratops which is a genus of sheep-sized (1.8 m long) herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaur, from the Upper Cretaceous Period of what is now Mongolia. The project includes some of the final renders, as well as a short timelaps Video who shows the process of posing inside of ZBrush; and also some WIP Images and Screenshots. Hope you like it!



Souvereign of the Seas // textured version

Hey guys, here is the next update of my latest project. Before I started with the texturing process, I did a lot of changes on the mesh… I changed his neck area as well as some other body parts to make his silouette more clear and improve the readability of his basic shapes. I also was really unsatisfied with the pose itself, so I changed it more in a way of a swimming lizard. I think now it feels more dynamic and looks more natural… hope you like it:)

Here’s the link to the previous WIP post:



Unknown Species 01 // Deep Sea Fish

HiRes Images -

Hey everyone, I started a new Image series called ‘‘unknown species’’ and I hope I have enough time to realize new projects on a regular base. So here’s the first one! - I started from scratch with a DynaMesh Sphere and just 1 or 2 Brushes to play around with some forms. After I was happy with the basic form I started by adding some rough anatomical details such as major muscles masses and transitions between different parts of the body.



Hey guys, here’s some modeling and texturing practice // two fighting moray eels! Hope you like it :slight_smile:

HiRes Images -
Turntable -



hey ! Man You totally nailed it ^^
all organics ale great :slight_smile:

I know it’s a lot to ask but maybe You would be so kind to get some tips/milestones how you did texturing / polypaint in zbrush ? tutorial of Your technique would be great but I see You are now on the flow of inspiration :slight_smile:


Congrats Marcus!!! TOP ROW!!! :slight_smile: great work you did here!


+1 on the tutorial, dynamic pose looks great.


HiRes Images -

Here’s just a little hard surface and texturing practise… nothing special and still a WIP ;)! I only used Dynamesh in conjunction with shadowbox as well as clipping brushes and some boolean operations :slight_smile:



Finally I was able to test the newest version of Keyshot! I used one of my older projects to test some of the new features of Keyshot 8… I added some new textures and lighting to the scene and render a few quick shots. For the modeling part I used only Zbrush! The model itself shows Christopher Columbus’ Ship ‘‘Santa Maria’’ which was his largest Ship and part of his fleet of all in all 3 Ships. The Santa María was probably a medium-sized carrack, about 17.7 m long on deck, and according to Juan Escalante de Mendoza in 1575, Santa Maria was about 100 tons heavy and mainly used as the flagship for the expedition. Santa María had a single deck and three small masts.



Nice. No compo at all?