Marco's SketchBook

hi guys! time to post my first work here! seeya!



hola omonimo!
welcome here too!:smiley:
i replied to your thread on the italian site, but i can’t refrain to tell you that i like your model very much!

2nd Step

a friend from the hell


Megaman Zero cel-shading
Istantanea 2011-09-17 19-22-47.jpg

this is the 2 final turntable

Hi Marco!
Glad to see you here :slight_smile:

by the way… your Megamen really rock!!!

i agree with guti! your megaman rock!

hi there!

Immagine 1.jpg

Hey Marco,

I love your Megaman, He really looks amazing! I wanted to ask you about your shader work on him and generally how were you able to come up with his final look. Great job man.

thank u aurfax! i did it one year ago, i made this toon effect with 3DSMAX material called ink n’ paint or ink n’ toon,
standard light from the floor. the texture it’s made on Zb and retrace with adobe illustrator to keep the anime feeling :wink:

Zero Render Update

wip: a friendly neighborhood spider-man

Keep going with this one… VERY nice style!!!

Have a blessed day,

Nice sculpts you have, really liking the Spider-man ;’)

That Spiderman ROCKS! As already pointed out, cool style.

Thak u sooooo much guys !!! take a look the turntable!

A tribute to my favourite Tekken Characters !


that face is dead on!

Nice!!! I LIKE LARS!