Marco's sketchbook

yeah I know another sketchbook… I haven’t start one yet so there it is my first sketch…
I hope you like it :slight_smile:



Very awesome Marco! excellent anatomy study. Im sure its going straight into everyones ‘inspiration’ folder

great work man ! happy to see you start a sketchbook…

Cool stuff :+1:. Hope to see more. right click saved;)

heeey marco!

good to see new stuff from you.
really like how you did the back and backside of the arms.


hey guys how’s it going? thx for the comments! yeah this new version of zb is really inspiring and it makes me feel like the old times, when I was still studying in school, really into the fun part of 3D! I’m sure you feel the same :slight_smile:
Hopefully I’ll be doing one sketch after another between my downtime and weekends :wink:
This in particular was done as an anatomy study and also to have a generic human base so that I don’t have to start from scratch for future sketches.

hi guys,

I’m recently studying anatomy more deeply, so I tried to work on a posed body without using photo references but only my memory related to what I studied or observed before on anatomy boards, and the mechanism that works behind movement and holding weights.



…(finally) :D:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

hmm i like this one. great knowledge of the anatomical structures, respect!
i am just wondering if you wanted him to be “resting” or (as i see him) leaning over as if to look at something…

great anatomical study dude !:smiley:


wow love it :slight_smile:
great anatomy

oy marco!

awesome study. did you do studies of the different parts of the body before this? also did you make fullbody studies before doing the straight from head study?
would be fun to see those, if you did.
my only crit would be, i think his head looks a tad big. especially compared to his hands.
anyway, it’s still a very nice study. hope to see more.


Hey Marco, great studies! Keep ‘em comin’ :+1: !

hey guys, thx for the comment and sorry for the late reply.
yeah his pose is not really well defined because at the beginning the hand that was relaxed on the legs, it was actually leaning to something. That was the only difference so when I repositioned it I’ve been naive enough not to relax better the back and the abdomen. The head is a little big, yes and the prospective is not helping it… feet, yeah that’s my biggest challenge, I cant remember well the anatomy of a foot without looking at pics… I did other studies before yes but always on full body. I might post them but I spent less time on them so they are more like 3D sketches…


Nice updates Marco!! Really like the legs on the last piece and boy is that poor guys face messed up!

Love the head exploding Siamese twins.

Marco is too much awesome!

You’re a god now my friend :smiley:

Friggin awesome! :grimacing:

:+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

Great job on the last couple. I really like the mutant with two heads. Also your anatomy is phenomenal. Some inspiring stuff. I am a fan of your work.