Male Portrait


So here’s the finished version of the character I’ve been working on recently. Feel free to comment. :wink:

software used: 3ds max, cinema 4d, zbrush, topogun, vray, photoshop


I have redone the hair so I’m swaping the older version for the new one.
You can still see the older one here though:




ok cool i like it :smiley: really weel done.
i could use your knowledge in BPR and Skinn material’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing work really mate! Looks so real, love the skin surface! The Vray SSS Material make awesome results!:+1:
Thanks for sharing this, this is what I am practicing for all time!
Looking forward seeing more from you,
Happy sculpting!

  • Kenny:)


Great render:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
Could you share some render/textures tutorial?
Share your knowledge master:laughing:

“Could you share some render/textures tutorial?”

I would be forever in your debt. or just point me in the right direction.:D:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Really nice work, reminds me of that famous portrait that bigguns did, if you are after similar result I must say you are pretty much close.
Hope you will share your vray and lights setup.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Lepra - it’s not BPR. I used 3ds max with vray for rendering.

I’ll later show some screengrabs from zbrush and max, so you can see the scene setup and wireframe.

Some screengrabs from 3ds max and zbrush

Nice work, is the blinn screengrab a bump map or all sculpted?

Nice details and sss on the skin, well done !

really osm skin feel amazing

Wow, this is really good! Maybe this also belongs in the Top Row.


Great job! :+1:

wow great job! i love the model!

Thanks guys. I’m glad you like it. :wink:

Many people told me the hair didn’t look good, so I decided to make an alternative version of it. Please tell me if you think it’s better or worse than the previous one.:wink: If it’s better than I’ll post it in the first post of the thread.


Very well done!
I’m curious, what role did C4D play in your pipeline? :slight_smile:

Ouhwee that is a hard one mate!
Both look amazing, but I think I got to stick with the second one, only thing maybe to darken his hair color a bit!
Amazing work on the model Rox29!
if definently ROX!^^:+1:

This is much better and the hair color/texture is great. But consider hair and hairline still looking very even. Human hair grows in a certain direction whereas the hair on the image is quite a “furr”. Also length variation is not suject to some sort of hair cut. Skin and eyebrows look much more realistic.