MAHmc - MatCap Shader Series

MAHmc is a MatCap Shader series I created that is born from native Cinema 4D materials and transfered to ZBrush 3. The first run is one of many to come.

Enjoy! P.S. No this isn't a C4D render. This is from Z3 using preview shadows only. So, yes this is a Z3 render. Model is also a ZTool from scratch. only thing from Cinema is the data used for MC shaders. •MAH• [![MAHmc Series01.jpg|1000x785](upload://3OPib9AuBgzYdOIbz1cwGqI0mWZ.jpeg)] [•Download From MediaFire•](

•An Annoying Free Link•
•More Links Coming Soon•

Thanks a million for this MAH! I tried downloading it and it came up with an error on download completion, it couldnt open the file :confused:


Indeed an annoying link, but great materials! Thanks for sharing Mahlicus! :+1:

Great materials, thanks for sharing! :+1:

Is everyone else managing to get into the zipped file? its continuelly giving me an error


no problems here

Woho! got it to work :smiley: thanks MAH!


the pearl looks very nice :smiley:

Are these using a specific Light set or with the default one?


Thank you very much. I especially like the Model Matte one. :+1:

You all are very welcome. Making more very soon.

ArchAngel1982 - MC shaders have lighting info ‘baked’ into them.

OH! Wonderful! :smiley: thank god, i pretty dia when it comes to lighting, thats a HUGE plus :smiley: Cheers for the quick responce MAH


Mahlikus, beautiful is all I can say. If you find the time, a tutorial on producing your MatCaps would be much appreciated. The quality is just superb.

thanks for post , (pierre le…)

Thank you very much Mahlikus The Black,

they look very nice.


These are just awesome. And I love your presentation, too! Thanks so much!

thank you!! :smiley:


You are more than welcome.
Once I try some other experiments, I will Wiki a tutorial.

Let me know if the links stop working. I am working on additional hosting for future files.



These are really good, and they lend themselves well to tweaking (just spent the last half hour doing 20 variations on the originals, all very cool.)

A tutorial would really be appreciated! Nice work.