Magalhães Sketchbook

So after taking a break form Zbrush for a few weeks and digging into some traditional sculpting I decided that It was time to put my first sketchbook to rest. I have different eyes and most of my old stuff kind of bothers me. I think its time to start something new.

Here is a sculpt I worked on recently, hope you guys like it.

I have so much to learn but I am happy to be making some progress !




Everyone has a lot to learn! When you stop learning you stop evolving as an artist. It’s a very nicely done head in my opinion, I think you got all the major forms down well and it’s nice that he has a bit of an expression. Maybe now all he needs is some finer details like wrinkles, pores etc? Keep it up!

@Tobbeo Thanks man !! Really really high praise coming from you ! Your work is amazing man and I am a big fan ! I agree completely that he needs some wrinkles and pores…its something that I really want to focus on in my next sculpts.

But your comment makes me happy for a very specific reason, these latest weeks I’ve focused on understanding the forms (thats why he has no pores) I did not want to worry about details I wanted to make a good face.

Thanks again man, means a lot to have you comment on my piece ! Ill keep at it !


Had some fun tonight on stream and did this guy… learned a lot and had fun :slight_smile: hope you guys like it.



Did this head here for some more practice… having some fun but I feel like I am progressing well enough.

Hope you guys like it.



This guy like it! Nice sculpts :+1:

Thanks Bas !

Absolutely love the last sculpt, bravo! :smiley:

Looks real nice and natural:) What method did you use for the eyebrows?

Thanks Chalkman !


Elastic brush with lazy mouse at around 30. At a high subdivison with a bit of a clay buildup base under it. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Doing an Alien study based on Jordu Schell’s concept art called “Whiting”

2 hours of work so far on this guy. A lot of work still to be done but its a start.




Really liking the alien man, keep up the good work!!!

Wow those busts are awesome. Good job! The alien is looking great aswell :slight_smile:

Thanks guys !! Appreciate the kind words ! :slight_smile:

when I see the thumbnail I envision these wrinkles almost like that of a turtle around the neck. Look at a turtles neck, I think that kind of texturing could just push this piece into a crazy good direction.

Found an hour to spare today and did some more work. I think I will be done tomorrow.




Wow, that’s seriously good. Love the skill exhibited here.

I’d love to see you sculpt one of my concept sketches, it would be awesome.

5 stars! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thank you Eric :slight_smile: ! I am glad you like it.

No time to make this one better , I am calling it done. Lots of work on my plate so I have to move on.

Hope you guys like it.

Cheers –


it is no coincidence that i just to uploaded an alien to my sketchbook, i saw your last model few days ago and inspired me to try to image an alien. I like your sculptheads too, very great works :+1: