Luckies broxelstoff

Hi guys

I’m back from taking a break.
Let’s start with the same wip-sculpt I’ve started my previous sketchbook with :lol:.




Awesome man!
:DLooking forward to seeing this thread progress :+1:

Very nice, love the look on it’s face. Great detail work.

Great model =) Nice mat cap also.

following :slight_smile:

Thank you very much guys !!

Broxel01 :slight_smile:


I like his whiskers!

Great work.

Hey Lucky_1,

This one turned out great. I really like the details in the nose and the form of the ears. Cool little character.

Tobbe, thanks man :slight_smile: your portfolio is mindblowing…
Ruiz, thanks man, nice style you have…

this was just a quick (modo) render and some scribbles on top.


I really don’t like this avatar thing…if you guys don’t give us a decent option to pick a permanent one…give us the option to choose none.
all cool and well but it’s a thing about freedom, this is a forced (commercial) idea.

just some broxel fun :wink:

Very cool presentation on last one. Kind of web 2.0. Sculpt some girls now pls.

love the skin surface details…fabulous

Bartoz, Mohamed thank you guys, very cool of you ! :slight_smile:

I will sculpt a girl as soon as I can…I wish I could do this all day but sadly my reality is quite a different beast :slight_smile:


Like the presentation :slight_smile:
Did you solve the avatar issue?

I know I’ve been beaten you guys to death with this dude :smiley: so many thanks mate !

There’s no real issue with my(the) avatar, but I don’t like how the management has implemented this into ZBC.
I don’t think it’s cool to let the zbc participant jump through hoops to make use of an avatar - it even defeats its purpose.
I know that page views are important but…I just don’t get it…and I rest my case.


Yes, I understand and agree. What I meant was if you managed to solve, it.
The reason I’m asking is because your avatar right now seems to be another one than the last image you posted :slight_smile:

ha ok…now I see…nothing to solve again :slight_smile:

I have the choice to use a very small thumb which is so small that you hardly can show anything.
The other choice I have is to use always the same thumb-my avatar to notify(show) the people I’ve new/updated stoff.
It’s clear that I’ve chosen the last option.


edit: seems to be a blow into empty space


Slowly coming round -Bevis frond

Excellent … wonderful expressive face and eyes! :smiley: