LrZo sculpt and stuff

Such beautiful style and great sculpt! Congrats

Great! Great!

Like like like like :+1: Beautiful expression on the kid, great bounce in the volumes. This is the sort of beautiful result that makes me keep a folder of other people’s 2D work for free time sculpting!

First off, as a huge fan of Simon Loche, I love this piece! You nailed his style perfectly. great execution!

T’as assuré Lolo! Top row bien mérité!
Awesome colors and renders :slight_smile:

Very Cool Work! :smiley:

Very awesome work man, do you think you could share your rendering process in mental ray, eg light set up, materials, textures? I would very much appreciate any insight you can offer, Thanks for the great work!

i like

Merci Laurent!

Breathtaking work. I am really proud that you did this 3d models of my first comic book published more than 10 years ago now… duh! I feel old… :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to model Alika or any of my comic book characters. :cool:

Sweet works:+1:

I knew it, well deserved top row.

Hey! Thank you all guys!

Here are some more shots from the Robin Hood project.

These are the original Tposes captured from Zbrush. The whole color was polypainted in Zbrush.
Images are only multipass Zbrush materials mixed in Photoshop.

Speechless…the vibrant colors, the sculpts the overall mood - instantly putting a smile on my face.

love it, very clean!! :slight_smile:

excellent work!

I love the characters and the colors. I could only imagine the world.

Good lord! Even the closeups deserve a separate top row!

Great works,love your Style,so Vibrant and Colorful!:+1:

really awesome stuff! Congrats!

very great work