Lipstick On My Haggis

Robert Burns traverses the moor on the back of a Haggis after a sordid evening spent with a fiery lass.

Textured and modeled using ZBrush rendered in Carrara - final touches to the textures and futher speckling fx, ZBrush again.



inserting a local mesh is a good idea when trying to pose zspheres to conform to another mesh - in this case shaping the rider to the curve of the haggis.

Once you’ve posed the character you can delete the zsphere to which you added the local mesh.


Another thing I used in this image that I’d not done before was to grab small coloured textured areas from an old painting to paint with coloured textures using projection master.

Oh-no…I’ve spent the week drawing a man riding a blood pudding, guess I’ll
have to think of something else now. The caption is on par with the illustration. Intellectualism has returned to Zcentral. Love it.

Mark, once again you share with us a beautiful piece, not to mention a good trick I had already forgotten.

Wonderful work…I can always tell a ‘Floozie’.


have a few seconds to lurk, and found myself happily floating thru some new boozy floozie ilustrations…thoroughly made my last month…let alone my day.

am very happy to see you have climbed the mountain, and returned. I hope it’s a frequent event as I enjoy your style, humor, and thought put into each piece…and watching your evolution in 3d…whether it be zb or a mixture…

a pleasure…always!


" a return to flatness’" :wink: …looks like a good blend of 3D and 2.5D :cool:
I believe the renderengine of Carrara has some “paited look/drawn look” options…what is your opinion of these ?


p.s. …you left the lipstick on your image of the “pinky kinky Bear”

:+1: how true, man…


:smiley: lol very nice haggis horsie

Thanks all for the kind words and the cheeky quips.

This wasn’t going to be my next image but it popped into my head and I just couldn’t relax untill I had exorcised the Haggis*( no puns intended )

Yours with a face smeared in chocolat Eater egg.

The Flooze.

Jantim - I think that some of Carrara’s render fx are plugins rather than native. There is a superb one for vector style fx.

However every experiment I’ve ever done with 3D applications had me waiting for ages whilst rendering for something not worth the wait.

Lightwave I find has some better ones for grunging up the image but still…

I much prefer adding such final tickles by hand.


As usual.

something really scary about this image :expressionless:

Glad to see you back and posting! I’ve missed your artwork! This is great!! I love it!!!

p.s. until it was posted I didn’t know what a “haggis” was… lol… had heard the term but didn’t know! Learn something everyday.

Another masterpiece, that is for sure.

The painterly style is delightful and so classical in form.

Well done.


This is something I almost missed. Great work, great style. Nice to see this kind of work here. We could all fine tune our abilities viewing work of this nature. :wink:

Well done floozie! The concept is fantastic, and the image rocks. Cheers for the zsphere advice as well.

Excellent! Haha. Will the Scottish forgive you?

PS:Haggis… hmmmmmmmm

Oh Goodness! I don’t think I would ever have guessed it was a 3D render. This is great! You’ve shown that the possibilities are now not only endless, but attainable! I’m so inspired! Thank You!

Ha!!! I love it! Hilarious and beautifully executed!

Remarkable likeness to 18th/19th century artwork. All done in Zbrush? No Photoshop for the background sky?

*EDIT. Sorry for the double post.

Remarkable likeness to 17th/18th artwork. All done in Zbrush you say, without any Photoshopf for the clouds and background?