Lipstick On My Haggis

…I love this image… Well done, very well done.

I was laughing before I even opened the thread…the title cracks me up. So, I was very surprised to see the actual image. Thought it would be very cartoonish, but it looks so good. Like it was made 400 years ago or something. I don’t know if you remember me, boozy, but I’ve been checking out your work for years on ZBC. I don’t remember how great you actually are (of course, I’ve been absent for about 3 years of and on). Great piece. I like the second render better than the first.

Ah the haggis rides again , how nice.

Slosh ofcoarse I remember you - a name like yours does not grow on trees.
Hope you are well and thanks for your kind words.

LoveFest (what a quaint notion although perhaps too many vampires and trolls etc at the forum for it to be a pleasure)

Yes indeed Sir it’s all ZBrush painting for backdrops, texturing and the odd wee dab o’ post production.

It does indeed have that pre -industrialised society feel which ofcoarse is largely due to the fact that ochre hues were affordable but lapis lazuli was expensive due to the pesky French, and so I too kept it thus.:smiley:

ZBrush fortunately comes with lapis as standard.
As you be aware it’s the use of alphas that allow you to quickly create all sorts of effective brushes in tandem with stroke modes.

Best Regards

…is also good for blues singer :smiley:

Thank you Frenchy I trust that was a corrrection.

LMAO! This is really great… Just where did come up wiht this idea?! :lol:

Wonderful work