Let's start local zbrush user groups.

Let’s start local zbrush user group.
Post here if you want to start a zbrush user group in your area. Benefits. Meet other zbrush users in person. Demo your techniques. exchange Knowledge. Showcase your art work. make new friend. etc…
Any takers in Vancouver BC Canada

I am into it… But Vancouver is a long swim from here in Hawaii. I think I am to old to make it… Why not have a convention over HERE!!! :slight_smile: :+1:

Just jokeing… I would love to be part of a ZBRUSH users group :slight_smile: … ZBC is as close as I will ever get tho :slight_smile:

sjors why not stop by the chatroom,

server is
and the chatroom is called #zbrushies

there are a few other users around from canada here in the forum, hope you guys can all get together :slight_smile:

Hawaii hmmmm sounds nice. I just started this thread so zbrush users could start their local usergroup.
Start one in Hawaii.

Indeed ,
I shall invite, me Myself, and I…

dunno… is there a Hawaii Zbrush Sect?

I would buy the beer and the BBQ materials… I even have a Snuba system for people to go play in the surf…

dunno… I wanna user group here… or perhaps an annual meeting :smiley: I know all kinds of people with vacation rentals, and activitys

North Carolina here. I would love to meet other Z users around the Charlotte area.

Great idea!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

New York.
Stay away!!!

New York.
Yeah, stay away!

I just started using ZBrush so I know…nothing but it could be fun.

I doesn’t matter of skill level. You always learn something new.
Yeah one anybody I know there are some more vancouverites out there.

Do you have times dates locations?
I never did the user group thing so I don’t know how it works.
Is it just you and me here? With the potential Zbrush has I’m surprised so few in Vancouver have given a shout out.
Being we’re Hollywood north and all.

We used to have PUG meetings here in Clarksville when I first went online via a local BBS system. PUG-Pixelation Users Group…Pixelation was the name of the isp/BBS system here. We would meet locally ever so often and just hang out. It was great to see the real people behind the usernames…totally different for the most part than what you met online…That was about 9 years ago…and since then the group disbanded due to cable isp etc…but I forged some strong friendships and several of us are still in daily contact with each other. So groups like this can be a lot of fun, sometimes a bit of drama, but a Zbrush group I suspect would have alot more in common and probably alot more to discuss etc…but yeah our old group would go to the movies, eating out at places, picnics …one Halloween party here at my house, and about 25 of them showed up in costume…so that was a hoot and a half…so this is something to consider for the different regions of the world…just thought I would chime in and share my experiences with yall…I have one new user to the forum that lives within five minutes of me I found out this week…so hopefully we can grow a group of cgi enthusists(sp?) around here…

Great thread.

Nobody out there?

San Antonio, Texas

I live in the Bay Area (Berzerkeley to be exact). It would be cool if there was a user group here.

I am just a beginner though (I am working on the telephone tutorial right now) so I can’t really contribute much at this point.

Bloomfield, New Jersey… Ya… stay away form New York ;-).

Any case, I’ll organize a NYC/Tristate/Eastcoast/AnyoneWhoCanMakeIt Area ZBrush User Meeting. Email me at LemonNado at Gmail.com if you are interested. I am sure it would be fun to meet fellow ZBrushers.

Depending on the amount of interest generated we can make it as informal or formal as required. I have a 1024x768 projector, screen and Mac Lap. So we can play Reels in Quicktime format and show interesting pictures :D. Maybe one or the other master could show off a technique or the other.

If ‘significant’ interest exists I am positive we can get a room from the Pratt Institute or NYC… Let’s see!

I’ll collect data for the next 10 days and will provide feedback by then.



I am a new user but have a background in modeling/Animation … Maya, XSI, Houdini (mostly Maya) I have also been a professional photographer for thirty years.

I live and have a sudio in Brooklyn, but I would be able to get to New Jersey.

Chalkman :cool:

Excellent!!! We are getting closer to form a meeting. I’d say we should make it somewhere in Manhattan. So all can have an easy trip! I bet that it will be an interesting evening!

I’m putting stuff together, so we can fix a date.


Hi LemoNado,

I may be able to get us a monthy time and space at the Apple Store in Soho, I have been a guest speaker there four times and know them quite well.

Let me know if that sounds interesting. Contact me directly if you want to call me or have me call you.

All the best,

ps: how many users do you think we could expect?

chalk another one up for the bay area. i’m in san francisco. i have a background in 2d animation and am just a noob in the zbrush world. no prior experience with any 3d programs.

another one from New Jersey (East Brunswick) here