Lessons In Zbrush 3 (videos)

Ok so I really try to stay away from making a new thread and usually just stick my videos in the new features Thread.
However I wanted to keep these new lessons a little more organized.

So ya these will start a 16 lesson set (based on 16 weeks of class)
Your like wow thats a small task! Trust me these workshop videos saves me thousands of hours inside a classroom so for me doing them really does pay off throughout the school year. Especially since the Class is broken into
3D Modeling/ Film / Traditional Artwork. I’m Running around Alot :wink:
So hope you enjoy the series. I use Maya alot in later lessons, But these first Videos will probally be good if you are just cracking open Z3.

If you like the series I have already finished my Maya section of the 16 weeks. Its located Here

The server has been a little busy lately so if you want to check out the videos they are also located here

Friends Romans Countrymen Lend me your ears.
Ok put them back thats gross!!!

Well after fighting the crime for a good day. And I’ll admit it was sorta fun watching all those forums freak out over my links being no good. (thanks to google translator;)

I hearby Declare A new day.
For the three years I have been doing this I have been pushed out in the cold with my videos so many times I cant count. I’ve used resources online that suck to manage. Half a dozen hot fixes that would make any nerd shune.

So the day of enlistment is almost here!!!

I have hired a hitman called CCbill to take care of my business. So now I can sit back teach and they do all the dirty work.

To access all the videos for 1 month Free heres your username and password for this forum!!!

username: pixologic
password: members

Not to worry for the price of a cup of coffee after that you too can learn stuff.
details on the lead page of

More information to come but use the one month free access until ccbill sets me up.

Right click save target as on the videos or you will have to use the password again. (this will fight streaming)

Lesson 1













cool, first link seems to be broken though :+1:

Awesome!! So generous. Looking forward to the other lessons. ZCentral truly is a classroom. :+1: :+1:

Cool to share dude:cool:

links repaired was trying to get fancy with the html :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: thank you

Jason, Wow! Thanks!! These are great!!! :slight_smile:

So ya ever want to get that comic character look?
Next video Is making a low poly hero;) (From Zspheres)
I practiced this like 3 times to make sure I got the flow right.
Heres a sneak peak at
Lesson 4


Woohaa ! thanks for this lesson, it never passed my mind to make a lowpoly mesh from Zspheres, i should have known better.


as my natural language is not english…i really appreciate theses videos i may play back again and again to finally understand…
thank you a lot for that…
merci beaucoup…:wink:

Cool videos, just managed to watch them all. :+1:
Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Did anyone notice that Jason sounds a bit like Dane Cook? :smiley:

Lesson 4 added
Thanks for the C&C :wink:
I think this movie tailors to everyone. I model a litte differnetly with the spheres so you dont have to know the adaptive skin settings or be a total geek to get it. I also cover proportions and balance of the character;)

i’m excited to watch lesson 4, sadly there seems to be a 3 hour download time. wait! just as i said that it spead up now i’m at an hour 20. woo! thank you for your hard work Cannedmushrooms.

If I ever grow up I wanna be like you Mr Mushrooms;)

Humble thanks

Jason, Wow! Thanks!! These are great!!!

Great and interesting way to model with Zspheres! Can’t wait to get a bit of free time to try it. Lesson 4…I missed a little bit around the six minute mark…because I was laughing too hard…no pun intended. :wink:

lol ya that was a really tuff part of the video. At least I know now not to do that infront of a Live audience;)

BTW ding!
Time to do those UVs?
And your asking yourself UVs? Who needs UVS! I have Poly Painting!
Poly Painting on a good set of UVs opens the door to all sorts of great tricks.
O but I guess thats lesson 6;)

Every time I click on one of those links to house of tutorials my web browser freezes up.

Check your links Cannedmushrooms.

Same thing happens if I just type in the URL.

weird they work good here
they do stream so what are you playing the videos in. Media player?
I would try the Right Click/ Save Target As and save the video to your hard drive…

Is it both the video and the project file links that freeze?

a hah the link is fine but the file was 1 kb short on the last project file.
since it was a zip that would corrupt it. Its only 10 megs give it a min to upload.
Is that the link thats broken for you?

I took away the link till it uploads the project file this will stop confusion.
I will put it back when done and update this post