Lessons In Zbrush 3 (videos)

I’ve only just stared downloading the videos. They seem to work fine, though they are HUGE. How long are they? 118 megs seems unusual. I’m not picking up something unwanted am I? After my experience with the other links I’m feeling a little paranoid.

The problem link are the ones in your signature. These ones:

Come Visit the



I keep the videos at a high quality. So ya they might seem big sometimes.

As far as the links on the bottom in my sig you are the very first person, after a year to say they freeze up their computer up. But for good sport I did try them on the computer in the other room. Which is older than the land before time and they work good. So if the atari 2600 can open them I guess thats a good test;)

Thanks for you time to do these, they look interesting, il check them out fully later on. :+1:

It must be a firefox thing. I just tried the links in explorer and they work fine. Very very strange.

jason, just wanted to say thats a sweet zsphere mesh, i’ve made one like that before as well and now with retopology this workflow is so much nicer.
oh in your vid you say that modeling is different than maya, i believe that you can do maya-like modeling with the deformation palette/transpose and the edgelooping feature, of course not as easily.

I’m using the latest version of FireFox and I haven’t had any problems with the links.

Thank you Jason for sharing these great tutorials. :+1:

Thanks guys and gals.

Space Sorry i havent been on skype much. Been doing alot of home improvement touchups at night. Trying to get my house ready for sale.
miss our little chat room;)

Sneak peak at lesson 7
This lesson will show methods in sculpting your base mesh to get complmentary curves and balance in your design. No reference was used for the character I show you basically how to curve muscles so they make sense. And then sculpt high res scales on the form;) Of course I show you how to make scales also.:wink:


Lesson 6 is coloring and masking techniques

Both are in the renderomatic cooking as i type;)

Wow, thank you so much! I would have never learned so easy with out you. Keep it up I can’t wait for the next lessons.

Great job on the tutorials. Thanks for putting all the time you have been into them. :cool:

Thank you for your great lessons. But the lesson 6 video is not full, it is 6 MB and 81 minutes video.

Confirmed here too, Lesson 6 only lasts about a minute. The others 1-5 & 7 play fine here.

Thank you so much Jason for sharing these awesome tuts with us! You ROCK! MG

ya i’m re-uploading it now
its weird the server I use does not support resume upload
its a beast of a lesson (no pun intended) started uploading 5:32pm est

Just wanted to say thank you for all these great tutorials! They are very easy to follow, and jam packed with great information and tips. I’ve really enjoyed watching these, and have this thread bookmarked to check for updates :smiley: Thanks again!

(Side note: Have you thought about uploading these to www.stage6.com ? It’s not a huge issue, but my download normally takes 2 hours to complete most likely due to all the traffic. Stage6 would still allow users to download the videos, or allow them to stream but at a much faster rate allowing your site to not take a beating.)

lesson 6 done its a big file and ya I’m going to divide it into two files.
But until I have time to do that, I will leave the link to the one big file. Confused yet?

Stage 6 looks like a band site But I have a veoh site already so I think I’ll go with Veoh;)

I’m uploading them now. Might be a couple days!

But honestly the server was donated to the community by a Peter Campbell which has given us a well over 2 gig pipe for bandwidth;) and over 150gigs of space. So if your out there peter, seeing this thank you again.

Killer tutes - glad I got these before you get a deal with somebody and end up selling them :wink: Thank you for sharing!!!

Later and Keep up the Great Work!


Thank you for fixing the video. :slight_smile: I want to ask something. When will you have the whole collection online? because i learned a lot from the videos. :smiley:

I think I will take Pixologic’s approach towards that question.

Still many many things to cover

Box modeling (non organic modeling)
Deformation Pallet
Projection Master
Also need to start going over to maya towards the end for displacement and normal map workflows.

Of course any update will change that list and I’m still sure I’m missing a few items between lesson 8 through 16

I will be doing this after 16 but these 16 have to have an end objective so students will actually say they have walked away with somthing.

Hey, Jason,

Another great batch of tutorials. You give so much. A natural educator. Your vids have audio and are crisp to the point that the text in the ZBrush interface is always legible. So many other vids lack audio and are so fuzzy you can’t ‘read’ what buttons are being pushed. Anyway, thanks for the effort and a big shout out to your buddy Peter Campbell for donating the download bandwidth.

All that having been said, I have a few questions:

  • I notice at the very beginning of lesson 7 you call up a floating menu of icons, one of which is a ZBrush icon with a square around it. After pushing this, the computer’s desktop taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen. How do you do this? How do you keep the computer desktop taskbar always visible at the bottom of the screen? On my machine, ZBrush covers that taskbar, meaning extra keyboard taps to find and maximize other apps.

  • In lessons 4 & 5, instead of waiting until after the polymesh is made (to lower the resolution) why can’t I just lower the zsphere preview resolution and make a polymesh of that?

  • Do you know about Marsyas’ Smart Divide process? He uses the Cage button to maintain volume through subdivision. Svengali made a plugin of the idea that places a ‘Smart Divide’ button at the bottom of the tool palette. Here’s the hotlink to the thread ‘Proportional Subdivision’ :

  • How do you make those intersected image planes?



you are the best ya man :+1: