L'Ecorché anatomy app is LIVE!!!

ZBrush andLl’Ecorché
A few years ago I left Blue Sky Studios after 15 great years because I was on a mission to live and work in Paris as much as possible. A few things had to converge to make that happen but the final and most important piece of the puzzle was ZBrush, which gave me the ability to work from anywhere so, I did, and it changed my life.

Now, ZBrush has changed my life again;

I am building what I feel is a groundbreaking anatomy study tool. It’s an app called L’Ecorché: Classical Anatomy for Artists, and without ZBrush this app would not be possible.
Originally developed as a personal reference tool for my courses with anatomy expert Scott Eaton (who, in fact, I met through the Pixologic Educational portal), this application has grown from a simple sculpture for the iPad into a fully-developed application for iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop and eventually Andriod and PC desktop platforms.
I am currently in the final weeks of finishing the App. I will plan a launch at my booth at Spectrum Live in Kansas City Mo. May 18-20

I’ll continue to share my ZBrush sculptures on my website , as well as techniques and time lapse movies on my Vimeo page . I’m always interested in meeting other artists, and sharing a ZBrush connection is like a secret handshake for an exclusive club, and I’m proud to be in the ranks.

I want to thank ZBrush for changing the way I work and the way I live.

For more info please check out

and my company webpage (for the app)

My personal webpage

my vimeo page

Michael Defeo
MD3D inc

NOTE: the first 4 sculpted figure images below are by Scott Eaton, who is over seeing the anitomical accuracy of all the models in the app.











Sir Michael Defeo you are my hero!

If I could afford to I would buy an ipad right now in anticipation of this. Sadly, I only have a PC, an Android phone, and “struggling artist” status.

So I guess for me it’s a waiting game to see what comes first: the PC version of this app, or I find a way to pay for an ipad, which I’ve been wanting/needing anyway.

Still, I’m very excited to be able to use this someday, and would be grateful for a rough estimate as to the ETA of the PC version.

It’s projects like this and the people behind them that make me feel like being part of this community is truly a special privilege.

cant wait no more for this app …when it will be available?

This is going to be very useful! Great App Idea! :+1:

HI, the first release will be apple products, soon to be followed by Android and PC desktop. It wont be too long !

Really, REALLY stoked about this. I saw this when you previewed it here awhile back and have been waiting ever since. I’m gonna have to go with the PC/android version, but I don’t mind waiting… just please don’t take too long!

We will be right on it after the first release!

can’t wait this application[/SUB]

Thanks for the update info on the release date Michael. Really looking forward to it . Best wishes for the launch.


I just saw this and think its great! Great anatomy study and skulpt and a great app idea!:+1:
I will buy it for sure;) I hope to see this on the market soon!


There are no words to describe this. This material will be invaluable to all artists around the world! Im definitely looking forward to this. If you dont mind me asking, how much will the PC version cost? Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks so much.
WE have not set the price definitively yet, but areound $10.

In fact, I’d like to take a pole. Given that most apps are $1 - $5 would you pay $10 for this app?

Sounds great.I can always use more anatomy reference.

Sure! Investments in knowledge, references and materials/supplies are always important, and I mean in all aspects of life, not just art. But yeah thats a great price given the level of detail shown in your images. :slight_smile:

My new Retina display iPad comes next week… HURRY YOUR APP, SIR!!! :wink:

Wow. Looks fantastic! …and for iPad… joy! :slight_smile:

Someone write ZB Sketch-Up for iPad and I’m ready to retire to 7th heaven
top notch

this looks like a very useful app… and thanks for remembering us Android users!!
great looking work, and i really like the stylized volumes… very helpful

Thanks everybody, I can’t wait to get this out there!

and, Um… wow! It’s an honor coming from you Rick.

This is going to be great. Really looking forward to this.

Beautiful work.

I can see that alot of work and thought went into this. Taking into account the rather small market and the usefulness I think $10 is justified. Although admitedly it’s rather on the expensive side for an app. Anyways, looking forward to the app. I will most likely buy it.