L'Ecorché anatomy app is LIVE!!!

Thanks for the input.

this seems so great,all lanteri,Bridgman,richers and other great Anatomy masters will collect in one single APP,i will call this App,An App From Artist for artists,thanks So much Michael And Scott Eaton.

Awesome, think this calls for a top row!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

When apps that are totally useless are sold more than 10$, i’ll definitely pay 10$ for this app. Totally worth it, i’ll even pay more for this =D

This looks really awesome, I can’t wait to be able to use it. As other people said, this is going to be invaluable to all artists.

Thanks for doing this !

This is such a great idea for an App, I have been following for a while, looking forward to it. I’m waiting for the PC version :smiley:

awesome! looking forward to it being available for windows.

I’ll buy it for sure when it will be available in the App Store :slight_smile:

Michael, are you still in Paris? I should do a business trip in May to meet some studios then perhaps we should take a coffee/beer together?

I think anything under $10 would be regarded as good value by artists.

But I paid for it already by supporting through kickstarter. :wink:

Best of luck with this.
Add another name to the customer list.

The work looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait for it to be released! will for sure be picking this up.

Are there currently any plans with Scott Eaton to update the App with a version for female anatomy later? While ofcourse the muscles are the same, the shapes and forms and interactions can be different. Good reference of this is one of the things that is surely lacking for artists at the moment. Many of us use our working knowledge of male anatomy and apply it as best we can, but our habbits with shapes don’t always give the best results.

Something I hope you’ll consider!

In a word, yes. The hope is to follow up with some deformation models and a female version.

I am in NY right now but plan to go back for a time in the summer/fall.

Scott Eaton and I are proud and happy to announce the launch of the FREE LITE VERSION of our anatomy app. It is a Lite version with the Houdon sculpture and the skeleton.

The FULL VERSION will be available mid June. It will include the Scott Eaton corrected version, the Primatives model, color muscle maps, info list with detailed muscle information, and lots more!
Go to http://md3dinc.com/ and click the link to go to the app store. Please sign up on our mailing list to get news when we release the Full app!

And coming this fall we will produce an 18" sculpture of the Scott Eaton figure. It’s gonna ROCK!

have fun with the app and please rate it and leave a comment on the app store.


great app - rocks even on an iphone! …must be huge on an ipad! :+1:

that’s great App.i already download and test it!Congrats man:+1:

congrats Mike and Scott! very nicely done


i have installed the app on my ipad 1; upon launching the app my ipad shut down and froze, luckily i did not have to reset it!

so i started the app once again and after a while the book-cover disappeared and the app started.

it is very slow on the ipad 1

having that said I want to point out that I really like the idea of this app! Please add a zoom-feature and add a layer with veins

what i also would like to see is different poses!

I wish you the best for upgrading and further developing this nice tool!

I wouldn´t pay for the current version, but an upgraded version would be worth 5-10$ to me, depending on the features

cheers Michael

Michael. This is awesome. Congrats on a great app. I can’t wait for the full version.

Unfortunately, I only have my Iphone on me, so it’s kind of small. Can’t wait to get my Ipad back :wink:

I’m sure pinch zoom has been your number 1 request lol, but the app would definitely be even more of a life saver than it already is :smiley:

Yes, I would pay 10 dollars for the app. You guys put in alot of work and deserve it. I saw the making of video, which was great. You’re working with some masters for sure. Great idea scanning one of the most inspiring sculptures, then having Scott clean it up even more.

I can’t say enough good things. Congrats again.

Hey guys, I wrote a review on the app store for you and gave you the 5* you deserve.

I have a slight issue on the iPhone 3GS (old phone I know, but can’t afford to upgrade yet). I didn’t want to post this on the app store as I didn’t want people to pre-judge before they gave it a try. It may not be an issue for them on a newer model iPhone or iPad.
If I flip between models, say from full body to arm to leg to head, eventually the application will just crash.
I assume this is down to the fact the 3GS has limited memory and so can’t handle this app very well?
I presume the last selected models are being kept in the phone memory and maybe this is overloading it? Or are they being cleared out when you select the next model?
It mostly works, and works very well, but as I said flipping through the models, the app will eventually crash every time.
Other than the stability issue, this app is a 5* app!

You have both worked REALLY hard on it and I find it an invaluable application! It’s just packed with information and I can’t wait for the PC version!!

Thank you so much!

Should have said, this is referring to the full version.