Latest Works Collection

Hi all,
Here are some of my work I did at Redsteam. a coolest studio I ever worked for.:stuck_out_tongue:

Back cat of Amazing Spiderman 2,@Gameloft .

Green goblin of Amazing Spider man2,@ Gameloft.

A girl model for a canceled project. @Gameloft.








Most parts of models done in ZBrush, and rendered in Maya using Vray.
These models were used for ingame ready high poly model, and I rendered them for fun. Black Cat and Green Goblin were used for Gameloft’s released game “Amazing Spider Man 2”.
Some More images for the works:

Body sculpt of the girl, her hair was created by fiber mesh, and I exported fiber mesh with curves to maya rendered it as hair system.

Great work! Was Black Cat meant to resemble Catherine Zeta Jones? Very nice details and cool render.

Teyon: Thanks, yes , this version of Black cat was inspired by Catherine Zeta Jones’s face, but unfortunatly she wasn’t looking good in game when it’s low poly , so I had changed it to another version , maybe will show it later:P

Awesome work! I like the sculpt details on both characters.
The Black Cat’s expression face looks great! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more. :slight_smile:

Some really gorgeous work!

hey! great models! really like all of them!

Awesome stuff man!

Awesome work!Top Row !

Thanks guys, here’s some earlier render of black cat, and an another version of her head model:)

Ok, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, while the head that actually appeared in the game looks great, I prefer the Zeta Jones one. :slight_smile:

She looks awesome, great model…

this is awesome, you are awesome. your work is awesome. i am here watching this, this is awe… ok, no this isn’t awesome.
awesome :slight_smile:

amazing work

Can somebody explain to me how these guys get renders this great in vray, Any suggestions for vray tutorial to get this quality?

Wow! beautiful work!

Great Work as always man !!

…result! :cool:

wonderful ,awesome works ,u are my idol