Latest Works Collection

Very intriguing! I like the female model for the cancelled game the best!!! So awesome!!!

and, I too would love to see a tutorial on your use of vray

Amazing character!

Awesome works man! specially the first one, congrats!

The work looks very good

vray rendering Can somebody explain to me how these guys get renders this great in vray, Any suggestions for vray tutorial to get this quality?

Would like to know as well. Awesome work!

Absolutely amazing! I love the cloth detail in Black Cat.

great characters work

waw…! Thanks for sharing.

Greetings! I am Gavin and I am a huge fan of your work. I love it!

I am a fellow artist but more along the lines of traditional drawing. I want to engage rendering 3D characters such as yours but don’t necessarily have the patience for video tutorials. I’d rather have one on one, hands on training with someone that already knows how to delve right into rendering.

If at all possible to get your assistance, I can be reached at glsmith5783@gmail.com. I would REALLY appreciate it. I have so many character concept designs and would LOVE to see them all rendered in 3D.

Thanks so much for you time, consideration and support and the great artwork that you provide. I am so inspired now to get back to work in concept design…

I really admire your decision not to make the Green Goblin suit perfectly symmetrical. It’s much more visually interesting that way. Nice sculpt!

Really great piece of work! :+1:

Nice work! :+1:

Thanks guys for all your kind words! very appreciated.
VisceralD:I would love to do some tutorial to share some experience i use vray in the future.
Indestructible_5783:Sorry but I’m currently busy doing some projects and spare time is very limited.:frowning:

wow This is amazing

Amazing detail; thanks for sharing.

Perfect, man! I loved the girls!! :wink:

Hey you guys sure know how to sculpt lifelike characters.
Natural talent or a lot of training and hard work?

Just plane amazing! :+1:
all the best to you

Superb work! :D:+1:

awesome work. Going straight into my inspirational folder :slight_smile: