Latest work

Thank you!

Bruce - I’ve rendered different passes in Zbrush and then combined them in photoshop

Amazing works…and the style’s just top notch!

Amazing stuff …:smiley:

great work and awesome modeling skills ! i really love the way you handle the texture and the transition between purple to yellow , very inspire !

show us more :slight_smile:

Thank you people!

i just realized that I forgot to put this work here :


Again done for 3dcreative magazine.

really like the ice bear
although the other one are top notch too :slight_smile:

Awesome works i m your big fan !!

Bad ASS Polar Bear Warrior!!! Love it!!

Killer stuff ! :+1:
Waiting for more!

Dig your style man - very nice work!

Holy crap!

Handsome grubby characters!

some WoW fan art to revive the thread :slight_smile:


I’ll try to polypaint and render it properly soon

hope you like it



Very nice. I definately like it. :+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

very nice character, i like. :wink:

All of your work is great but the walrus is my favorite. Look forward to seeing the finished piece! :smiley:


Superb. This last one reminds me of the Elephantmen comics. Your style is SOLID. Convincing work and so fun to find the all the details.

wicked. how long did you spend on the walrus?

Nice stuff! I like the style of your work. :+1:

Awesome model and rendering. Really great details and personality. Would you mind talking about your material and light set up? I am a big of the monochromatic render, I think it is what zbrush excels at the most in terms of rendering.