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Hey guys

Here is something I did for 3DCreative magazine,as a part of a tutorial series about cartoon animals,which will be featured in the November’s issue.
Modeled and textured in Zbrush(except the glass and the olive,which were modeled in 3ds max),rendered in Zbrush and Photoshop.

I hope you like it:)


I like it… especially it is was rendered with Zbrush/photoshop tandem… I use both for multi pass rendering too and I still looking for the best final skin shader, “vitality” eye and other… I am waiting for Your tutorial… and personaly ZB R2, because there are more render/lighting option…

Great work… just love the feel… TOP ROW…

nice work !
it make me laugh really :stuck_out_tongue: hhhh nice work !

keep it up :slight_smile:

grate cartoon character, nice texture and render :+1:

Very creative and beautiful.

nice job, looking forward to the article.

I do likE it. I like it alot

This is just gorgeous i love it and the texturing =)

Great idea, design and exectution :+1:

Very good.

Thank you ^^
I’m really glad you like it :slight_smile:

Hey guys,here is some more work done for 3dcreative magazine for tutorial series called Zbrush Quadrapeds.
It will be featured in the November’s issue.

modeling and texturing was done in Zbrush and the compositing of the final image in photoshop.







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love the character. It would be a blast to animate!

you have such an awesome style

Absolutely love the style and render. Gorgeous proportions and even better character portrayal.

Inspiring work sir. :slight_smile:

This is beautiful, what was it rendered in?

Great design! Feels unique and I like the texturing.

I agree with everybody else, nice style, quality and result! I’m waiting to see the tutorials! :+1:

I agree… this is an awesome character.

Well done.