Lad's sketchbook

Hello guys !

My name is Ladislas, I’m 24 and from Paris, France.

I’ve been lurking around this website for quite a while now, but I’ve always been too shy to share my work here !

But well, I think the best way to get better is to get some feedback and critics, so I’ll try to update this thread everytime I can with my future works, hoping I’ll get some tips to improve my modeling skills…!

Butterfly Girl

Concept by Xa
( http://xa-xa-xa.deviantart.com/art/butterfly-girl-24953382 )

Modeling in Maya&Zbrush
Rendering in Zbrush


Any comments and critics will be welcome!

Don’t hesitate to check out my Artstation Portfolio to see more about this character =)

Thanks for watching, hope you like it!





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Great pose and expression!

Nice but wouldn’t it be easier and quicker to do this in Photoshop?

Looks great, love the style

I like the color palette and the overall composition. The character and the props are very interesting, different from what I commonly see in these types of illustrations.

On a side note, I think this would be a wonderful cover to a novel or a illustrative novel, something in a similar fashion of “Through the looking Glass”.

Either way, great image, thank you for sharing

Wonderfull piece of art!

) photoshop?

( not if you are finally aiming for animation.

Lovely render!

Hey there

Thanks a lot for your kind words, really appreciated : )

Jake Rupert no this is Zbrush, no photoshop on this ! : )

zam wessel
Yes i totally agree with you, it would be much quicker to do this in photoshop. But not for me, mainly for 2 reasons : First of all, and it’s pretty simple… I’m not an awesome drawer and I’m not good in photoshop… I can do some textures for my models on it, but I’m years away to be able to do a full illustration with characters in photoshop. And secondly, I didn’t plan to do a 2D Render for this modeling. It started as a personnal practice modeling, but I felt that the design, and in the end, the modeling, had a graphic touch in it, with the hat and the weird things around it… So I wanted to do a render that could match with the design.

Here are some shots with a quick 3D Render in Zbrush

I don’t know where the button to embed a vimeo file is, so you can see a turn around here : https://vimeo.com/117379595

Cheers !


very sweet shapes!!! love it!!

wonderful!.. I really like the ethereal look

Did you use the posterize features of zbrush or is it a combination of shader passes assembled in post?

Thank you !

Yes it’s the posterize effect combined with various tweaks in the materials ! =)

The only thing i did in photoshop was to erase the tree a little bit and to put the background color! The other things are straight out of Zbrush

Hey! Great looking work! Just curious, what matcap did you use? You have a very soft yet crisp material!

Hey !

I used Skin Shade 4 as material, and I added some Sharpen in my BPR Filters !

For the soft effect, I added a very little glow in the BPR Filters, and some Wax in my material :slight_smile:

so beautiful***65292;love it :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!!

I meant to quotereply to zam Wessels
remark that it makes sense for creating animatble stuff…
its incredible that you are not an excellent drawer.
Your sculpting skills are great!

Ahhh - so that’s what the lump on her butt was… Not so obvious in the original that it was her skirt flying up. Nice work though.

Really nice work Lad!!! Love the use of Cel/Flat shading for the illustrated look. Fresh style not often seen with ZBrush!!! You definitely need to post more of your ideas!!!

Hey guys, thanks again for your kind words !

Yes I know about making animatable stuff, and even if you can see that the topology is quite dense, i try generally to get a proper edge flow.

Of course, when I know that my model will be animated, i try to optimize it, as I have the knowledge (even if of course, this knowledge is far to be flawless) about doing a proper edge flow for animation.
Usually, my models can be animated. But well, beyond this, when I do just a practice sculpt (which this is), my workflow can change a little bit, as I know for a fact that no one will be animating this. So I don’t spent as much time working on the topology as if my model WAS going to be animated ! See what I mean ? ^^ Not sure i’m crystal clear here !

xiaoD Thank you, your work is astonishing man ! Maybe something’s missing in my brain, but what ***65292 means in your comment ? x)

higginsdj yeah… About the lump on her butt. Some friends asked me about it. I didn’t get it cuz I knew what I was, so when you do, it becomes clear. So I had no idea it could be weird at first sight… Wasn’t in the mood to change it though haha ! But thanks for the feedback.
I think I’ve chosen a camera angle that’s not optimal to understand this… I’ll be sure to check about tangeants and everything on my next work !

remcv8 Thanks a lot man, but as much as I would love to take credit for this, I didn’t invent it haha ^^ Actually, credit goes to Oliver “Spatz” Milas who inspired me with his stunning Zbrush illustrations. I think I should have mentioned it earlier ! You can check out his page here : https://artstation.com/artist/spatz I stumbled upon his work when I was looking for ideas to do some “graphic renders” and fell in love with it :slight_smile:
But I’m pretty sure a lot of talented artists have done great illustrations with this effect before me, and better than mine ^^

I’m working on a new piece, and I’ll try to give this kind of render another shot ! Still thinking about the pose and especially about the image composition, and about what I can add in 3D that will reinforce the graphic effect provided with the Posterize render

Hey there !

Been busy with my job everyday, not much free time to work on my personal stuff ! Been able to do another model tho !

Not that much happy with it, even if I tried to keep an illustrated look as much as possible, I felt it didn’t really suit the much more realistic model ! Was fun tho, been able to try some stuff and learned a lot :slight_smile:

It’s a fan art of Fran from Final Fantasy XII ! Even if I didn’t like the game that much, I really LOVED every design in it, especially her ! Wanted to model her for a pretty long time so here’s my take at it !

Modeling in Maya&Zbrush, Render in ZBrush, Compositing in Photoshop !

Fran - Final Fantasy XII

FranResize.jpg Still01.jpg Still02.jpg Still03.jpg CloseUp01.jpg CloseUp02.jpg

And a little Turn Around here : https://vimeo.com/118219906

Hope you like it tho !

I’m currently working on refining her body’s topology, which is WAY too much subdivided ! I’ll update the video soon.

I’ll post probably tomorrow a WIP on the next piece I’m working on ! I’ll go back to something that looks way more like my Butterfly Girl, very illustrative and more graphic ! :slight_smile: I’m trying to push this style more and get something more personal by trying to do my own concepts…

Cheers !