KurtB ZB Sketch Book

Few recent sculpts Ive done, will add more images as they are finished.





Took the Zombie sculpt a bit farther, still more of a modeler then a texture guy have been learning learning a lot over the past few weeks.




[HR][/HR]Icabod Crane and sleepy hallow was one of my favorite movies growing up. TogetherIca4.jpg

Very nice sculpt … lots of character! :smiley:

Thanks will have more stuff up soon.

Fun little Project.



i like him, nice color choice too.

Playing around with fibermesh as i finish off the high res sculpt.

This is a nice piece. The hair has a very cool and realistic look.

YodaSpeedSulpt5.jpgThis was a speed sculpting test of a young yoda which I have a sketch of in a concept book from "Phantom Menace ". The Sculpt was done in just over an hour and quick textures and fibermesh hair was about a hour and a half. Pretty happy with it for the time spent.




love the young yoda, so clean line and shapes, expression is great and convincing, amazing work for this short period of time you used !

My vershion of NightCrawler

New project I have started recently, color and texture up next.

TrollWIP13.jpgSmall update.

Lot more work on the skin today, it still needs a bit more work. Off to the leather parts then final pose.


Had a lot of fun making this one…

Wanted to design a character and suit you could see in StarWars Old Republic or a Sci Fi film. I learned a lot more about creating nice clean edges on this one. Fully textuered version down the road.Sf32.jpg

A bit creepy … but wonderful. Bravo! :smiley:

Cheers, David

Great job on the Mexican Day of the Dead piece…:+1:…I like the way you did the tapestry background also…really goes well with the character and subject …nice colors and mood.:slight_smile:


Thanks… will have more new stuff up soon =)…