KurtB ZB Sketch Book

83 min Speed sculpt of my Pug Remy . RemySpeed.jpg

I don’t know your original style but that little girl is…daaamn, real good. How did you make the hair?

The hair on the girl is fiber mesh brought into Maya…

My entry in Halloween challenge…

This project is my take on the Crone from the Snow White fairy tale. Her face is scarred and discoloured from an accident while playing with her poisons.
The look I was going for with this illustration is one of an older painting as the lines and details are not quite as sharp as more modern day digital renders.


This is the follow-up to my ‘Wicked Fruit’ illustration.

It’s Snow White getting ready to take a bite of the apple after the old Crone tricked her by saying that it was a wishing apple.

I kept this illustration style the same as ‘Wicked Fruit’ with the lines and details not as sharp and with an older painting feel. It just has a brighter pallet.

A very beautiful picturesque image!
I love pictures that tell stories.


Thanks will have new images up soon…