Krzysztof Gryzka sketchbook

Hello. My name is Krzysztof Gryzka. I’m a freelance character artist from Poland. I grew up watching how computer graphics were born and developed across the years. I remember my first pixels on 8-bit computer which i drew on screen using ATARI BASIC command line : COLOR1, PLOT 5,5, DRAWTO 5,10. I was 12 years old.

My original purpose was to become a computer graphician and specialist focused on computer animation and filmmaking. After years I noticed that I achieved much more then I have ever dreamed of. I think that cg art is a big part of my life and I’d like to continue this journey to the end.

I discovered ZBrush a few years ago and since then I have been focusing on this awesome software. In my work, ZBrush is a major software not only for professional projects but also to develop my creativity. I’m so happy to be a member of ZBrushCentral. I hope to show you some of my professional work and sketchs. I wish all the best for all the creators of ZBrush and talented artist on all sides of the world. Happy ZBrushing!

This is my proffesional works of WatchDogs2 cinematic, produced by PlatigeImage.

Used software: ZBrush, MODO, MARI










Hi folks! Small update :slight_smile: I have been sculpt those characters for Deep Blue Production, animation studio from Poland/Warsaw.





Like the sculpt and the low angle camera.

I would say to modify a bit the chain. each link of the chain should have a weld seam to it. Maybe a bit deform they are a bit too perfect. Rusty and old

I would say to modify a bit the chain. each link of the chain should have a weld seam to it. Maybe a bit deform they are a bit too perfect. Rusty and old

I’m going to make these detailed chains on another artwork. You have a good eye on detail.Thanks for your suggestions Scote! :bulb:

Princess Tiger Lily by my imagination :slight_smile: I made it for fun at Zbrush Poland challange. What can I say, I had a good time :wink: Model came in one day, rendering and compo in an hour / two. Some alements done on ZBrush2018, for example new Curve Modes, Elastic and Liquid helped me a lot on jewlery parts. Project primitive was usefull on small element like arrow. New update of ZBrush 2018 completely blowed my mind :slight_smile:

Renders on Keyshot7


Świetne prace Krzysztof !:+1:

Good work man!

Amazing work:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Instagram 2018
Hi folks! This month I decided to start my speed sculpt session during Inctober 2018. If you want to see my process, you can follow me on my Instagram @krzysztof.gryzka Some sculpts was done in one hour others in three to four. Have a fun! :slight_smile:



chicken-Studio 3.86.jpg

roasted-Studio 3.68.jpg

Hi. I spent last days studying Array, Nano and InsertMesh. Briliant tools to speed up modeling architectural forms.




This is my fanart sculpt of Gwel. The character from “Szninkiel” by Grzegorz Rosiński and Jean Van Hamme comic book. Sculpture was done for private commision to 3d printing.


Awesome work, mate!

nebular: awesome work, mate!

Thank you so much!

I got photos of test print in 17cm height. Final print will be done in 33 cm.

Done on XFAB2500SD.












She looks perfect!

Hello friends! I’d like to show my speed sketches done for SculptJanuary2019 contest. I worked on every artwork after my day routine. Most of them was done in really short time from 1 to 2 hours. During this contest I used basemeshes from ZBrush content: DemoHead, DemoHeadFemale, Julie, Ryan_Kingslien_Anatomy_Model. Subtools was rendered on Keyshot 7. Thanks for your support!

I’d like also invite you to watch my process sculpting on https://www.instagram.com/krzysztof.gryzka/
If you want to watch 3d models, you can find them on my Sketchfab https://sketchfab.com/gryzka (I’m still uploading whole gallery)
Better resolutions on Artstation https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3ob0eY

Hi folks! Time to make some tests with new release of ZBrush 2019! At first I’ll show you some experiments with NPR. I’m really amazed how this tool is flexible. In past I spent much time trying to convert my 3d artworks into 2d celshading using 2dpainting/compositing software. I think with NPR I have more control to make artworks like sketches, inking, watercolours. I must to spend more time with NPR to develope interesting filters.

This is great, great work!

Well deserved Krzysztof! Grats :smiley:

nice sketchwork too

Thank you!

Hi! This is a test render of my project based on the characters from the movie “Dark Crystal” from 80’. To perform it I used the background and clay delivered by Pixologic with the ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge.