Khurram. H. Alavi - Sketches/Work Dump

Hello everyone,

I’ve been meaning to start my sketchbook thread for awhile now. Finally took the initiative and clicked the new thread button :D.
Here’s something I’m working on as a personal project. He’s an Elf from the warcraft universe. Done entirely in Zbrush 3.5.

Still needs alot of work so you can call this a sketch :).





good job dude, some good sculpting all around. Especially like the face, definitely has a lot of elf-like character to it.

If I were to point something out that doesn’t look 100% right to me, it would be that his sternocleidomastoid muscle looks more like a scarf than the actual muscle. I think it might be the thickness and the direction of it, as it curves downward from insertion to insertion point. If you thinned that down where it is the widest and straightened it out some, I think it would look more convincing.

Keep it up!


hi :slight_smile: nice work! only his clothes need some more weight!

Won’t pick things out as it’s a WIP… great work so far, look forward to seeing it develop!!!

larsivar: You’re right. I smoothened the muscles out a bit and adjusted the form. I agree it looks much better now. Thanks :D.
Zmith[21]: Thanks! Going to be adding some flow and weight when I pose him.
RawSunlight: Thanks!

Small update.




really nice job so far!!

Thanks lostinlmbo!
More updates!
I retopologized the hair and began refining the forms over my blocked in sketch.
Also added some armor to the feet and worked on the hands and feet, improved the ears and worked on the shoulder armor.

I’m aiming for an Elven Druid look so I will be working on his staff/polearm type weapon next.





Thanks Tarum!
Here’s a head study that I did a month or two ago of the actor Hugh Laurie when he was’nt so ‘in’ :). The comp came out really well. Lets see if I can get to display that here. Here’s the Zbrush sculpt nonetheless.




Hey there Khalavi. Your sclupts are very good. As someone already pointed his clothes do need some touch up. At the moment they kinda look like something solid … something you would hardly be able to move in. Cant wait for you to pose that elf. Facial details are awesome and elf like. Dr. House is awesome ! Great likeness.

BTW (something not related) I love qawwali music ! :slight_smile:


Love the Hugh Laurie´s head!
You should check the anatomy on the elf, specially his back, but it´s looking really promising!

bomoh: Thanks! Qawalli is mystical is’nt it :). I figured working the cloth would be more rewarding once I’ve posed him. And thats going to take sometime as there is no transpose master in ZB 3.5… WHYYY…
tommywan: Thank you! Back has been refined :).

He’s coming into character now finally. I tried a druid style beard out and looks great! I felt the earlier version looked more like a knight or paladin or mage maybe. Druids are more rugged and hairy…lol.




i love the druid style beard…:):+1:

Nice work my friend, you’re very good at modeling faces especially, Hugh Laurie likeness sculpt is spot on, and love the elf / druid! My main in World of Warcraft was a night elf druid =)

You should check out my blood elf when I post it hopefully.

looks great! love the details :+1:

Very cool model…love the details!

Tarum: Thanks! Yeh I know he looks much better with the beard.
Darukin: Thank you! Cool you’re a night elf druid :). You must be noticing the attention I’m giving to the armor then :D.
Nattawat_OBBI: Thanks!
SolidSnakexxx: Thank you :).

Been burnin’ the midnight oil here :D. I’ve started work on the wooden staff on which I’m trying to get impressions and horns fit into. I really want to give him a neutral/dark approach than your average green friendly druid, hence the horns and skulls. I’ve got 33 subtools now so keeping my fingers crossed! 3.5 is stable so far.

How on earth am I going to pose him… lol.




You, my friend, are one twisted alien from another planet, :smiley: Your details are so awesome, you deserved top row with the Dhalism(cough you got cheated), hopefully you’ll sit in the top row where you belong with this one because it’s really cool. It’s a WIP but as far as I’m concerned it’s already a top row :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

BigK8804: Haha! Thank you for the vote of confidence my friend :). Trust me when I say that it fuels me to work better and harder! Thanks alot for the kind words :D.

Nearly done with the horns! Going to refine the fur beneath the shoulder armor and the staff next.




Awesome!!! :eek: Love the details and the texture of the horns. Can’t wait to see him finished :slight_smile: