Hi everyone,Here is my last work. Its something I always wanted but never found will or time to do. I’ve been working on him for the past three weeks after work. Hope you like him.His name is Katsumoto.



Let me be the first to say … wonderful work! What kind of reference did you work from? Would also love to see some wireframe as well. Cheers, David :smiley:

awesome expression! Think about providing some tarnish to that silver - a bit down in the cracks anyway. looking kinda chrome dipped right now. the cloth is beautifully shaded. sweet piece - feels like a 19th century photo come to life.

great work!

woow awesome :smiley: should be top row in my opinion. :wink:

it’s fake, that’s a picture of my uncle!
jking-lawlz, it’s really awesome art.

Great work here… Katsumoto the great Samurai warrior and swordsman as legend has it?

Agree with the post about some wear and tear on the silver , other than that I hope you make it to TR with this piece, refreshing to see an old man amongst the buff superheroes and monsters. Nicely done


amazing render , and great choice of subject

i like the way the render came out, is that some sort of dof/blur effect?

Great image! Good job on the rendering too, looks almost real!

Amazing piece! Love it!

Amazing work! :+1:

Amazing work! You must have spent tons of time on the small details of your models, and it shows.

This combines with your older works shows you, as an artist, belongs to the gallery in zbc. Congrats

Great! So many details on him.

amazing! which renderer did you use? wireframe? hope you get the top row

Thank you all for viewing and leaving comments !!!

Chalkman: Thank you so much ! I used a lot of photos I found online. Ill post some of them soon. Wireframes too :smiley:

magbhitu: I’m glad you like his expression mate. I agree about the silver. Maybe I’ll re visit that area. I did go for that 19th century photo look so i’m really excited that you noticed.

Uber: Thank you mate !

Rox29: Thank you so much rox ! I wish :slight_smile: ! :+1:

TourneDisque: You almost got me :smiley: Thank you mate !

Sigmund Hentze: Thank you mate! You could say its a mix of everything :slight_smile: Glad you like him !

D100763: Thank you so much for your kind words !!! Glad oyu like him !

xtrm3d: Glad you like him mate! I’ve always been a fan of samurai warriors. I just had to do this.

pabgo: Thank you. Are you talking about the dust ? Its just some scratches I painted in photoshop.

tobbeo: Thank you so much mate ! Cheers !

SolidSnakexxx: Thank you mate ! Glad you think so !

asecbrush: Thank you so much !

Piggy: Thank you for your flattering comments ! I’m glad you like him and my other works! :+1: Cheers mate !

davorek: Thank you! I tried to add as much as I could.

Moga: Thank you Moga ! Its’ Vray for 3dsmax. I’ll post some wireframes and ZBrush screens soon.

O da! :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a beauty!! :+1:

Cherub: Hvala kolega :slight_smile: !!!Bas Mazur: Thank you so much mate !!! Means a lot !Here is the wireframe shot from 3dsmaxkatsumoto_Wire.jpg