Hi everyone,

Added a bit more color to his face and sclera is not as white now.

** sorry for double post image was not being shown in the recent uploads


face is now much better!
great work…


Thank you for your input Jerry ! Love your work mate !

Awesome job, so many details.

Glad you like it Gonso!Here are some shots from ZBrush.If you guys want I can post a 3k render :slight_smile:


This is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while! Awesome work man. On the way to top row.

Wow. Great great work! Really love it! Top Row!!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Everything is said already! Top work - top notch - top row!!!

VISEone: Thanks mate! I’m really happy that you think so !

pOiNtPuShEr: Thank you so much! Love the stuff on your blog !

perspective: Thanks pal :slight_smile: Glad you like him!

Congrats once again, I think it’s time for top row to get updated !!!

:slight_smile: Thanks my friend:o

…of course i think too it deserves toprow! great work!

Thanks O/MI! I’m flattered you think so!!!

Hi guys,

Here is a video with closeup shots.
Thanks for viewing!


<iframe src=“http://player.vimeo.com/video/43599264” width=“720” height=“405” frameborder=“0” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p></p>

p.s any help embedding this video is much appreciated.



dude that is AMAZING!!! good work… love it !!!

i see a lot of work great job

this should definitely get top row! Great work!

Beautiful work.

outstanding job. Congratulations!!