Julian K Sketchbook 2012

Oh my - haven’t been around in a while and it’s another year already. yet it seems as if I had started the 2011 thread just yesterday :)Didn’t have too much time with the R2b beta, but got around testing a little of the fiber stuff. quite awesome to work with and I sure have to dig deeper into it. So, here’s my first feeble attempt at doing hair with the new Fibers. There was not much tweaking to the many various Fiber settings and I certainly need to explore it more, but it’s quite amazing what you can even get without making a scientific study out of it The render comes straight out of Zbrush. I wanted to make a point out of only using Zbrush Filters for post work and not going to Photoshop at all.If I get any spare time I’d like to explore that guy and his hair quite a bit more and also texture/polypaint him.Cheers and thanks To pixologic for yet another amazing release!



Great! Thanks for sharing Julian!

jeeez - now my post is labeled ‘mature’ although it really isn’t. my own fault though.
I wanted the thread to be set to ‘mature’ because I am pretty sure I will post something considered ‘mature’ in here at some point.

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Nice one Julian. :+1:
LOL, “mature”.
I can guess why.

Thanks a lot Bas :slight_smile:

Already you can guess Michalis? :wink:

Hahaha nothing to see, only hair at that secret place :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing this evolve (maturing?):+1:

This is sort of a repost/update of an old posting about toon shading in Zbrush. Very old posts trend to vanish over time and today I was inspired by this post by the incredible Nick Zuccarello to also help refresh the topic again, because I think it’s another nice example how Zbrush can be utilized in so many different ways.anyway, here it goes - these are sample renders of a toon quad shader I did a while ago ( about 2 years now) and which I had updated and refined with each new and wonderfully enhanced Zbrush Version since then. these renders are straight out of the box - meaning that there was no post work, not even a bit of photoshop involved. placed and colored lights, quickly turned some switches in the shader modifiers and hit BPR for the variations you see here. The two darker ‘night’ scenes are actually much less a change of lights than simply turning down one of the 4 shaders. I’ll do some more testing to see if all is working fine with Zbrush4r2 and post the shader in the next few days. cheers

Julian, these are nuts. It’s so unbelievably difficult to nail down an ink and paint shader that doesn’t look like complete crap and yet you’ve totally nailed it. I’m especially loving the two kid in a mask renders. So well done. If there is anything else you’d be willing to share about the details, I’m all ears.

haha- exactly while you were posting here I was looking through your thread :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for your enthusiastic words. very appreciated.

Along with the shader I’ll post a few tips on the lighting and BPR shadow settings which work best with it.
if you the have any further questions feel free to ask anytime :slight_smile:

3d too 2d is crazy houd a thunk it !!:smiley: great stuff !! more !!

These are awesome! Thanks for posting this up! Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

wooow thats kickass :+1:

nice man !

Fantastic work really love this and the body is looking freaking awesome man!:+1:
Maybe you could tell us a little of you workflow mate!
Really excited about this, because the result is damn nice!

  • Kenny:)

Love the shading and mood of the lighting. Great work!

Wow! Absolutely amazing! I will be folowing this thread from now on! Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful renders!!!
Well come back Julian. Always a fun of your wonderful sculpting-drawing skills.

Julian_K - These look great! I really think you nailed the graphic look without the need of exporting to Photoshop. I am actually on a freelance gig right now that requires this exact type of finish! I have got the LightCap to a similar look, but yours looks very clean. I definitely would appreciate the use of your shaders / matcaps / lightcaps… whichever it may be. I will keep an eye on this thread and see if you get the bugs out for 4R2b.

Thanks for sharing!

wow - didn’t expect that much reaction.
thanks a lot guys, really glad you like it.

@nickZ - thanks for the hospitality :slight_smile:

@harbottle - thanks, love your women. you make the most natural heroines.

@mixchalis - I just jumped over to your thread and saw you did some amazing foliage fiber tests.

@Maury Ruiz - thanks man. the shader should be ready and available before the weekend. it is btw, not a matcap, but a quadshader.
wich has the advantage that you can light it whichever way you want, without conflicting with the baked in light of a matcap.

while I am still testing and tweaking the shader before I release it to you, I made some more renders which I didn’t want to hide from this friendly audience here :slight_smile:
again, no postwork outside of Zbrush other than the black frame I added in PS.