Julian K Sketchbook 2012

Fantastic, just what I have been looking for. Nice tutorials also.


Thanks for your response to my inquiry and these update renders! I’m looking forward to playing around with this shader you’ve created.

Best of Luck

Very nice shader work. Really like the lighting on the boy. :+1:

Impressive shader work, Julian!

Julian, I am positively drooling with anticipation. That last set of renders have really gone for the gusto.

Amazing work on the shader Julian, really impressive gallery aswell!
Totally loving your style buddy!
Happy zbrushing =),

  • Kenny:)

Amazing renders! Love the style, can’t wait to try it out myself.


Sweet work Julian, keep it up my friend… How are things working out up north?

Amazing Julian. Powerful results. :+1:
There’s a problem with shadow casting. Latest build of zb made it difficult a bit. You better use a ~5 angle , ~60 rays, a higher res (makes shadow casting sharper) and a little blur. 0 angle, which is the obvious choice for this style, creates an ugly quad effect.

Guys - no shader yet, sorry for the delay. I got swamped with work and sidetracked and I am still tweaking and testing. Want to make sure what you get is really solid and usable straight out of the box.

thanks a lot for the comments. just a few days more of patience please and you’ll have the shader :slight_smile:

@Mutte - loving it there. neither the temperature nor the weather, but a ton of other things doe really keep me happy + riding the bike every day is a damn good balance to all the sitting in front of a comp. you should come over with (possibly with Geert) for a weekend in Copenhagen :slight_smile:

@Michalis - I know, but for this I do absolutely need sharp shadows. I’m pretty confident the shadows gonna be fixed soon again though.


I cant wait to get a copy of your shader!!!

looking forward to create some comic with that! must be damn cool.

Did I miss the shaders? I’ve been following several people who were developing the novel style. This one really does blow the rest out of the water!

Oh my - seems I haven posted anything here for about 3 years. Time runs so fast these days. What a shame. But I did keep lurking :wink:
Anyway, I haven’t done an awful lot of Zbrushing lately, but one thing I have just done might be worth showing, because it is actually a whole short animation movie done in Zbrush.
I don’t think there are many out there :slight_smile:

Basically anything that moves in that scene was animated with Zbrush’s timeline. Only some post processing and ‘cutting&editing’ was done in Photoshop and Fillmore.
Initially I all wanted to do was a quick Gif animation, but then it all started to expand and I found myself even doing a soundtrack. Way more hours went into this than I had intended. Mind you I am not an animator anything along hat line. This is the first time I ever attempted something like this.
It simply had occupied my mind and emotions a lot and I needed to vent and get it out. There was a brief idea and that I always wanted to to see how much animation I could get out of Zbrush.
It’s not easy and there are lots of limitations, but that was somehow the ‘fun’ of it. I always loved Stretching and “abusing” Zbrush. It does have some advantages too though, like being able to work with high res models and the render speed.

Anyway - too much talking, too little showing. Here it is - sad, short but unfortunately too often true little Zbrush movie. Dedicated to any victims of war anywhere on this planet.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“https://www.youtube.com/embed/eDWerzexafs” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

So true!!! So true.
Glad to be the first to comment your recently posted artwork.
Great post, by all means, my dear Julian. Simply great, as always expected from you.

Thank you very much Michalis. Ti kanis?

Browsing through this old thread I noticed that my last post 3 years ago was a promise to post my Toon Shader.
Since I won’t be hanging around here a lot in the foreseeable future either, I decided it’s now or never and finally fulfil my promise.
I had to update and tweak them again for the current Zbrush version. So here they are (Link) very very late but finally, even though I doubt anybody still cares :wink:


There is an empty ZPR file included hat should contain the render settings and a simple light setup I used for these shots. Play around with the render filter settings to get various degrees of posterization on top of the shader.
I also post some sample renders. What you see is pure and straight Zbrush renders with no touching up in Photoshop (except for adding the font in some)

Have fun and happy new year :slight_smile:





seems I haven posted anything here for about 3 years” ~ Seems like yesterday, where does time dissolve to!

Hey Julian, I’ve for a long time very much enjoyed your posts, though I didn’t register on here until only a few years ago, even though I’ve lurked on this amazing forum for about 6 years.

It’s great to see you return, and I remember the day you promised to release your Toon Shader as I had watched what you were doing with it and the fantastic results.
So huge thanks you for sharing this with us :+1:

Your short movie is quite powerful in it’s theme, and sadly an all too often occurance on this planet. The direct result of too many sociopaths in positions of power.
The animation is very well executed, and I’d love to know your procedure for doing this in Zbrush.

Cheers & Have a Brilliant 2016 ~ Bang3rs

I care! Thanks for the shader! Can’t wait to try it…

Thanks a lot guys. Glad if it’s still of use for somebody :slight_smile:

There are 2 things I forgot -

1.: The Toonshader for the Eyes ( makes them pop a bit more and has glow if needed) Get it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XkgHc5y_SGeUhJRVBoQ1pRWnc/view?usp=sharing

2: In addition to the BPR render, ypu should also play with the old ‘Best Render’ for some nice results. Best Render works just as fine with this shader, but gives you different tweak options and results for the shadow/light interaction and you have the option of using a glow shader slot, which I used here for the eyes.

Furthermore you cancombine both worlds and make a BPR render on top of a ‘Best Render’

Have a look at some sample renders and setting below.

Cheers and a very happy new year to all !