Jon Foster, blood sweat and tears, lots of tears

I am new to zbrush, to 3d sculpting with the computer in general, please forgive any redundancies in question or the obviousness of my floundering about in the program. Even with a continual dose of frustration, I must say I have become quite obsessed with zbrsuh and can’t seem to stop. So here I stake claim to a little corner in this way cool place, and hope that you will take a look at my efforts. I hope to get advice without worry to my ego, well maybe a little concern for it, but, yeah bring the hammer :slight_smile:

Here are the first attempts.


ps I work as an illustrator so if you need any help with work in that area I can bring my hammer.

![long face airman detailed copy.jpg|599x720](upload://rogOI1FrBijbs3G6RXXyL2uNFO7.jpeg)![Mr Morris.jpg|1100x1344](upload://kEUF2qHEh8Xzf6QyihFXFaomgDi.jpeg)![bull sheet.jpg|655x864](upload://aM8gkcGpVARI7h4hjmn3IblxbOu.jpeg)![spacegirl.jpg|1100x1600](upload://AnClGqJ9ufvci0boy9f8fHLpj4q.jpeg)![young buddha 001 copy.jpg|482x526](upload://6VGiMU67i4kXCwdzRZTI3SMNw1X.jpeg)


Mr Morris.jpg


Well …welcome and … excellent stuff, it`s your art transposed in sculpture :slight_smile:

Hey JonFoster, welcome. I’m new to Zbrush and CG also and for that matter art of any kind, so I won’t be so presumtous as to critique. But that said I love the stuff your doing, kudos. I’d say your going to be a great addition to this forum. Keep up the fun sculpts.


I love your style, and the way you works the shape!! A lot of expresion in your strokes. I think people in this forum should appreciatte more the artistic way of look at things. Being tired lastly about only comments for hyper-realistic stuff, or coldly sculpted cheesy fantasy stuff. Just my opinion.
Keep the nice work!!!

its a great start and welcome to the program. I’m truly taken aback by your illustration. I hope to see that hand and attention to detail brought successfully to your 3D work :slight_smile:

as for any critiques, I have to say its far too early to say anything as you only have posted a few works and I honestly don’t know from which you are expanding on. Like a said its a solid start, and I definitely look forward to watching your growth as a zbrusher

I like the long face man… Nice Sculpt!! :+1:

Thank you for checking in on my thread and the kind words of encouragement.

Amph, I am so glad you wrote that, when ever I teach, or am asked to give lectures, my first words of advice are START WITH SHAPE AND VALUE! I should probably add that it would be good to end with shape and value as well :slight_smile:

Sculptor.zb, eklettica, EZRA52, Framedworld, thank for the welcoming responses.

Really looks like the start of an interesting thread to watch.
Can we have a much bigger sheet with the bull? I’d love to see it from close :slight_smile:

Love them all! Cheers :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Good stuff Jon, I love your 2D work and it is good to see you working in 3D, as well.

Welcome to ZBC and ZBrush! Great start! Look forward to seeing your next Z-stuff (love the works on your website) :+1:

Progress is slow, the more I learn the more there seems that there is to learn. These two are sketches, or at least experiments in the “what am I doing?” vain as well as “what happens if I do this?” kind of search.

The old man, or out of shape middle aged man, was a search to see what I could do with no reference, how much do I remember or know when trying to visualize the form in 3d. The Tin man is something I was hoping to find out more about hard surface sculpting as well as see if I could bring personality to that kind of venture. He as a long way to go but I wanted to share for onions and help if any are so inclined.



![tin man sh 02.jpg|864x927](upload://xU0snrch2VuzuC2rL5JEBCzpQOn.jpeg)![old man sh 001.jpg|720x782](upload://uSjCOpy764otswllJ3pP3H1G7lt.jpeg)![ZBC1.jpg|110x60](upload://mOYkAZSKTVPOyvENP8QkSfjr9OZ.jpeg)

Fun stuff Jon, keep it up. I like that tin man.

the man without ref looks great i think, good work!

Great stuff, like them all !

Hi Jon :slight_smile:

Solid and expressive works, …both the traditional, and the digital…:+1:
Looking forward to seeing where this new digital journy that you’ve entered into leads you to…enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Really like your style. Good models!

I have not conquered Zbrush as I thought I might but I am still having fun. These are my latest attempts at rendering in Zbrush as well as some new sculptures. All are done using Zbrush and photoshop, I don’t have any other programs for rendering and such, wish I did, as well as the know how on how to use them :slight_smile:

Most of what I have been using this program for is to create reference for my 2d illustrations. I don’t need to do this, as I could just take photos of people, I just like using Zbrush. Plus I do not have ready access to wolfmen, mammoths, horses tigers and bears oh my!

Pointers and comments are always welcome.


doggie sprint 01.01.jpgyelling kid bpr filters 01.jpgmammoth ivory 01.jpgthe yell 01.jpgairman 01.jpg


I think the new works look great! I particularly like the jumping boy!

Hi Solidsnakexxx, thank you for checking back in. Here is a polypainted version of the Mammoth. I was going to try to put hair on him but need to look at more fiber mesh tutorials :slight_smile:


Mammoth poly painted 01.jpg