Join Pixologic for a Live ZBrush Presentation


Brace yourselves and mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 27th at 12pm PDT.

You will not want to miss this very special live streaming event filled with ZBrush news, giveaways and a look ahead at what to expect from Pixologic in 2018.

The presentation will be available as a live video stream for anyone to view. Subscribe to any of the following platforms and then join us when we go LIVE! You won’t want to miss a thing!


See you then!

cant wait to see the stream… it must be really amazing…

Hoping for physics simulation based on the image.

But I really want Zbrush to use a neural network to figure out how to make my creatures walk and move. Like this Deep Mind video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn4nRCC9TwQ

It would be so cool to create a big slug creature and have zbrush figure out how to evolve the most efficient movement method to get from point A to point B. But I think this is a few years off?

The happiest news of the year !!:smiley:

Yea I can’t wait!!

Hope Pixo has something to show :D:D:D

Ouuuh yeah!!!

Zbrush mobile (iPad pro) please ������ I know there still working on r5 but it’s To dream right?

Full Zbrush in VR!

I’m sure that’s not what you guys are even thinking of.

But after experiencing Oculus Medium, Quill, TiltBrush and Gravity Sketch.

I’ve finally been able to sort of feel how traditional modelers must feel having a sculpt in hand at real world scale.

I just feel like Sculpting in VR is ten times better than owning the latest Cintiq, but it only works IF WE HAVE THE BEST TOOLS in VR.


Oh and lazy artist that prefer to sit… Relax

You currently can scale your models infinitely in both directions and just sit or lay down and sculpt, draw or even animate.

I pray the masters of 3D sculpting and modeling tools will embrace VR and AR and show everyone how its done! :smiley:

would love to see support for 3DConnexion Hardware

I think it’s imposible like any kind of simulation in zbrush.

Remember how long it took to port ZBrush to mac. Or win… I don’r remember, it was few years back…
rewriting whole program - it’s what it takes.

3d painting, modeling tools, sculpting tools, layers system, managing subtool system, topology tools, rendering
it’s the only possible direction I belive.

Maybe they will go for VR with different app or make port like with keyshot or GoZ for existin VR app.

Looking forward very much to some full on teasing:+1:



I’m confident Pixologic will introduce an all-new, realtime ZRemesher, optimally auto-retopologizing a model while you sculpt, and making Dynamesh obsolete. :+1:

We want a new make it look cool button!!!

Yes, I second that!

like, instead of inserting a full edge loop. you can just draw a line with a pencil ( like sketch up) to cut down on over edge looping.

Sounds good too!

PBR Zbrush ?? no more need for substance painter?

+1 for pixel painting / baking tools

  • object/edit mode with component selection tools.
  • better snap, pivot tools, uv tools.
  • complete new interface with tabbed design, context menu and a shelf
    AND ability to DELETE stuff with on key stroke!