Join Pixologic for a Live ZBrush Presentation

If not VR viewing and paining mode, then how about adding intelligent tools with the use of AI and machine learning.

  1. An example of this would be an intelligent topology tool that has been trained on thousands of high quality models to create near perfect topologies automatically with only minimal tweaking required.

  2. How about Intelligent UV mapping using ML trained to optimize UVs

  3. And Intelligent model decimation with machine learning.

I’ve already seen Machine Learning being applied to lighting and denoting in Octane render… its awesome what can be achieved.

i second that

Just reading the speculation of what is coming is exciting!

I wonder if the image for the event is in some way a clue to what we will be seeing.
Maybe a lighting and rendering announcement? Maybe Arnold? Or Redshift? Or Octane…Oh the possibilities!

I for one will be watching this with the rest of the artists in the studio tomorrow.

I hope, whatever it is, its going to be available for download immediately like 4r8 :smiley:

‘3D has never been this fun’
My guess is ZBrush will pop-up a joke every time it crashes. :stuck_out_tongue:

But on a more serious note, I’m very-very excited for the live event.
Can’t wait to see any new hints about the future.

Dynamic tesseletion for sure

There is no “autoretopo” like ZRemesher in any other app for sure, BUT I have to do lot of workarounds to nail down clean edge flows, crisp mesh boundary than a easy straight forward workflow.
I feel ZBrush is 99.99% perfect BUT… you know there is “zBRUSH standard” where the bar is superhigh. I feel zRemesher can be even more smarter especially in retaining crisp hard edges, respecting the edge flows on sharp creases that perfectly/tightly lock on to the fillet/radius - creases rather than blunting the sharp features.
-Also if we can sketch out topology boundaries on 2D UV View that gets translated on to the 3D model that would be good too.
-Dynamically adjusting the isoparm/edgeflow density of the ZRemesh would be awesome.
-Please take look at Houdini’s isoparm culling based on curvature - retains more on fillet/radius region and less on flat plateau.
-Also if we could plant curves automatically below the hood while sketching out using the awesome sharp DAM standard brush that would assist the zRemesher in the edge flow calculation automatically that would be awesome rather than uzing Zcurves to do such work, although ZCurves also has its own uses fro user driven feature lines.
Please give a thought.

Thanks for easing our pain.
LOL :slight_smile:


There is no “autoretopo” like ZRemesher in any other app

There is…
3D Coat’s Autopo is pretty much the same thing :wink:

Dear Pixologic, please make a normal convenient manual retopology.

3D coat’s autopo is intended to serve the same purpose, but it works like super hit and miss, and is, sadly, very much inferior to zremesher. When I was using zbrushcore and 3d coat together I found that most times i was better off using the instant meshes program than attempting autopo, no matter how hard I tried, perfectly reasonable meshes would fail repeatedly

ZB:D2018 is rockin’ my world and I haven’t even downloaded it!

Would rather model Uv map base meshes in maya and retopo it as well. But zbrush is great for recreating model details for displacement/normal/texturing. Have seen some 30k models that with the displacement and normals on it made it look like 10 million.

Nice information.