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Hi Guys,

It has been a while since I have uploaded anything, or had time to work on my own things. But I have finaly had some time to work on my projects.

Here is the latest model I have done. I absolutely just love this character and decided to make a tribute model of him.01.jpg



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Great job- you totally caught the character. The model looks clean and has a nice rhythm to it- good stuff.

From one of my favorite movies… greact character capture. LOVE IT!

Dragon: Thanks, glad you like it. He was great fun do do :slight_smile:

SashaGrlArt: Thanks Sasha. He’s shape and personality is what got me to make this tribute model. I saw the Lion King about a year ago, and thought to myself that I just had to make a 3d model of him. I finally got the time to actually do it :slight_smile:

I have made a couple of turntables for Pumba. Unfortunately they loose a lot of the original quality when I upload it to Vimeo.
It is probably my fault, since this is my first time using Vimeo. I ran the upload video guide on their site, and have uploaded a h264 video with a bit rate of 5000k and it still looks bad, If any of you have any tips on what I can do to improve the quality, I would very much appreciate it :slight_smile:

Shaded: https://vimeo.com/53532902
Wireframe: https://vimeo.com/53548662

great stuff!!

hopefully you will get more time to do sculpts like this in future. :wink:

hey dude!

great to see new stuff from you.
i think you did a very very nice interputation of him. very nice.

hope all is well.
i hear that you get real busy this month;) good luck with that.


Darxx: Thank you :slight_smile: Yeah hopefully I will have time to do more of my own stuff.

RasmusW: Thanks mate, he was a bit of a challenge, but good fun to do :slight_smile:
Yes, I am going to be preeeetty busy anytime now. Really looking forward to it :smiley: Guess you are pretty busy too right about now?

Here is the final version of Pumba:

Turntable, Shaded: https://vimeo.com/53675927
Turntable, Wire: https://vimeo.com/53675926





Well done! He looks great!

Thanks Toons :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

This is an older project. Unfortunately it got cancelled, but here is the model I made for the project. The design is not mine, I just got a rough outline of what the client wanted the creature to look like.




Very good : )
I’m very curious how you maded all this folds.

Thanks lukiszlak,

The main folds, I started to sculpt in. Later in the sculpt process, I exported the model into Maya, and made a topology which supported these folds.
The small folds and wrinkes is created using various alphas and put on different layers, which I combined in the end :slight_smile:

Oh my god that funny in a horrible way and wonderful in an amazing sculpt sort of way.
I would love to see that rigged and animated so it could be doing stuff like running and jumping over things.

Thanks MealeaYing :slight_smile: Yeah I alsowould have loved to see this guy animated as well as rendered. It a shame it didnt get finalized.

Here is some older projects I have worked on. Thought I might as well share them here :slight_smile:centigor02.jpgcentigor01.jpgdiscoWorms.jpgdragon.jpgRobert.jpg







impressive work! I’m really digging the dragon. Do you have the full body or just the bust?

Thats one of the coolest Dragon heads I have ever seen. So much ‘attitude’ just in this one bust. Man, the rest of the body I know would look Bad _ss if you were to complete it. AWSOME!

Amazing works here! Awesome!

    SolidSnakexxx: Thanks, very glad you like the work, though most of it is pretty old stuff :)

    Dragon: hehe, thanks man. I cant take credit for the design though. The design is from a toy series called eternal dragon kingdoms.

    Skdzines: I think that I have a rough blocking of the body somewhere, but I dont have any plans to actually model the whole thing. The project is about 4-5 years old. I would rather do new stuff :wink: But thanks, Im glad you like it.

Hi Guys,

I’m in the middle of working on my showreel for 2013 and I want to share one of the pieces. Felt good finally posing and painting him hehe.







Wow! Great job on him! Perfect:+1: