Jepiro's Art Dump

Hi guys!
Im a character artist working full time at Beenox, a studio located in Quebec city, Canada. In the past years I have mostly worked on Spider-Man games. This is a personal project I have worked on in my free time. The hi res model has been sculpted using Zbrush hard surface tools then baked and rendered with Cryengine. I hope you like it.





love teh design …
and teh armore is top notch

I hadn’t read the title, got here by clicking the image, then noticed the “mane” right away, and thought it was nice, a style not seen that often in armor centric pieces.
Then I notice the feline style squashed nose, and the subtle split in the upper lip, and the paw like Z jointed leg…

Very nice. Feels fresh and the animal lion element is subtle and well played.

Interesting design. I like it.

love the design its cool

Thanks Everyone.
Glad you like it!

I re-upload the image cause I tweak the lighting a bit. Less reflection from the cubemap and more contrast in general.


Cool. Your comment really make me smile. Sometime Its fun to play it subtle.

I will probably post some clay render from the hi rez this week-end.


The high res sculpture of the beast.




nicely done ! Good to see some fresh design ! love the hard surface job.
you should post you’re stuff more often :wink:

Thanks JM!

Here a study I have done.

Great mutant!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


Great study looking good.

Excellent work.

Amazing work!. I love it :wink:

Thanks everyone. :smiley:

Here two heads I have done recently.


Nice work bro i’m so interested in your work really amazing

great job, clean render. :wink:

Thanks Tomato. :smiley:
Thanks Kremrhi.

Here’s what I will be working on in my spare time. I start a thread on polycount where a will sporadically post the progress. Can you guess who this is?



Kingslayer! Lovely sculpt friend;)