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Some recent sculpt…
From scratch. I’ve just dived back into my anatomy books. I will push it further. Refine it and make some accessory.


Kind of makes me think of Boromir from the Lord of the Rings books

Recently I just open an old head sculpt and start experiment with KeyShot and Fibermesh. I know I need to work more on it. But here’s the result for now. Comment are more than welcome.



This is so awesome. Can I ask, what is your method to how you transfer your fibermesh from zbrush to keyshot? Thanks

Thanks rmaize. Pretty simple I use the new Keyshot bridge functionality. What’s cool is that you can still use the Fibermesh BPR setting to change the Subdiv, Sides and Radius. But You can always Convert BPR To Geo and export your Fiber as an OBJ.

An amazing job, congratulations.
I love the Lannister Bust, Awsome.


so awesome!


Thanks Guys! I’m trying to nail this job like a pro. :slight_smile: It’s not an easy task. The texture is gone, I removed the asymmetry and most of the skin details. I’m back to the basic. Comment are more than welcome.

By the way I know that FiberMesh as been out for a while. But, like me, some of you may be unaware of all the secrets hidden in the brush menu.

-Preserve Length can be turn on for the Smoothing Brush.
-Lowering the Front Collision Tolerance will push your hair closer to the geo under it.
-If you need to move the roots of your hair you need to turn off Auto Mask FiberMesh.

Hope it help some of you.
FiberMesh is a fantastic tool!

Getting closer…?! Maybe… C&C more than welcome.

that nails it :smiley:

Thanks Erklaerbar!

I’ve added some textures and the shaders. C&C are more than welcome.

Ok! I think I’m done with this one!


He looks real with just the flat color! Then when you add the color… he is alive in the virtual world! Major Props!

Thanks a lot Takai!

After a comment from somebody I really respect. I decide to jump back to this project. OK now I don’t touch it anymore. :wink:


Amazing work!!!

really amazing

Been working on this for a little while. Its based on a very nice drawing of Roman Bondarenko. https://www.artstation.com/artist/romacrew
Its very much work in progress. Its rendered in Keyshot for now but I project to make a game asset out of it when I’m finally done with the sculpt.
Still need to model some little things here and there. C&C are more than welcome.


Very cool!!!

Thanks Stefanuto!

Still working of this. Still base on Roman Bondarenko drawing. https://www.artstation.com/artist/romacrew Should start the in-game model really soon. :smiley: