JaySuS Sketchbook of Love

After using Zbrush for the texture creation of some low poly game objects i want to try out just-for-fun sculpting now. Sadly my computer is one of times long past and i cant really use multimillion poly models, nevertheless i try :smiley:

I’ll start by showing off a bunch of mighty racoons, over here we call em waschbaer thus the naming sheme, nothing spectacular in comparision to the other stuff around here that ive seen, nevertheless i like these cute rats.

here we have all 6 racoons made yet, superwash is simply wash at night, mash always tries to kidnap washyla and must be stopped by superwash… after hes done scratching his ear and eating nuts that is.

here is my way of creating one of them, i pose them in zsphere mode to avoid nasty pinching and the like which can be annyoing to fix, the time needed to create one is between 1h and 2h this way using the basic zsphere model.

sadly my computer is indeed so old school that i was unable to create a neat 3 background for this composition in a reasonable time and thus i simply made a (cheap, really cheap) lolcat-like scenario

tips and ideas are always welcome of course :slight_smile:collection2.jpgmakingofSuperwash2.jpgrescuemission2.jpg



That’s cool. Kind of cute. nice work !!!

totally loving this!

Haha, hilarious!

good to hear you people find em cute aswell :slight_smile:

anyway since i mentioned i did some game engine stuff here is an example which i created for fallout 3, and yes, before you ask, it was heavily influenced by the starcraft 2 armor just as my customer wished:


and here is an ingame screenshot in another color variety:


i created these in 3dmax and then went over to zbrush for the details like grooves, bolts and so on
i also did the paintjob in zbrush but simply manipulated the colors in photoshop afterwards to create a magnitude of different color shemes
in photoshop i also added some logos for the USMC Expedition Forces (customer wish) and a pinup i had created earlier…
the render in the first shot was created in 3dmax with a warm light source on the left and a cold on the right, and some additional ones like a heavy but neutral backlight

sadly as mentioned earlier my pc is rather weak and thus i had to split the model in a dozen parts and color/detailize/sculpt each seperately which increased the workload slightly

i also found out that zbrush really likes your low poly models to use only quads of approximately the same size or your normal map might not fit the cavity map in the end, it will also result in slight distortions, this is due to the different render algorythms used in both instances as i mentioned earlier this year in another thread which also offers some solutions to this problem (the link should be somewhere in my profile for those that are interested in it).blackwhite2.jpg7.jpg



and here we go with a quick study of the female “form”
i used a metal matcap in a slightly saturated green and added some scratches which would let an orange tint shine through to emulate a weathered bronze effect




and another racoon named “ill wash”



good work!

:laughing:bird swine or coon flu?:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

the doctors aint exactly sure what the lil fella has, “some mysterious coon ailment” is all they can come up with. Well, while we wait for him to get healthy and up on his feet again lets take a look back,

this here is a fan poster from the good ol times when everything was still great and amazing:


mind that he earned these stats in less than 20 seasons and whilst being drunk, whored out and eating nuts like, well like a racoon… he often even forgot to fasten his belt and thus appeared without pants from time to time… :roll_eyes: - still a great player…Babe.jpg



…racoon! :smiley:

Cute :slight_smile: keep them coming mate

ui, wash has fans now :smiley:
aight, lemme introduce you to a distant relative of him today, racoori hanzo, he is quite famous amongst martial artists around the world and also well known for his skills in basicly every field of art there is.
for example did he write this very famous Haiku:



please mind that the dead women are not his fault afterall, they died due to a heart attack upon witnessing his handsomeness and just could not stand it.
the slayn children simply died because they were not yet able to read subtitles and overlooked the “don’t try this at home kids!” warning.hanzo.jpg



for today’s comic relief let me introduce Lilly to you, a french bulldog which is seemingly quite famous around the ladies… dont ask me why anyone would actually love such a beast but, well, girls and their affections, we’ll never understand them but they are there, ready to devour us at any moment… :roll_eyes:




Nice pic …I just acquired a pug which is half frenchie (frenchbulldog).Believe me they are very lovable and well suited for apt. life.

well, i guess i still fear for my shoes nevertheless :lol:
btw afaik pugs (or their ancestors?) were first bred to live in the chinese emperors sleeve and trained to lunge forward to bite the living hell out of anyone foolish enough to dare getting too close… freaky beasts

since wash happens to become ill from time to time as we have seen before, washyla went to nursing school and brought a mighty and probably very healthy syringe back with her.


bahahahahaha these are so odd! It seems like they’re ceramic things you would stick in a plant just for fun.

been trying to create a female head now, what is your critical opinion on it?
been struggeling with good proportions for a sweet lad abit.
the ears are still in developement and i didnt bother adding pores, wrinkles and stuff so far.
any ideas, tipps and critique welcome :slight_smile:




since my anatomical knowledge of the human form seemed rather lacking i decided to stare at reference pics for hours on end and juggeling through the occasional titty pics which somehow end up in searches all the time (one just has to love google for that :D)

i decided to try some speedsculpts today, each took about 1h and all derive from the basic babe bust i made
these are not supposed to be perfect or final, i merely try to find and understand the human head atm, and have some fun of course while doing so

any tips regarding them is of course more than welcome, i still have some trouble understanding all the proportions which would be important to make a bust believable

Base Babe:

Afro Dude: