IT'S HERE!: ZBrush Summit 2016


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This weekend! Our THIRD annual ZBrush Summit starts today (September 30) and it will be the most epic ZBrush User Group Meeting ever! :slight_smile:

Pixologic is pleased to offer special discounts for a limited time. ZBrushCore will receive a 20% discount for all pre-orders between now and its release on October 14. These savings are only available through the Pixologic store. Don’t miss it!

The ZBrush Summit is a 3-day evening happening Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2 in Los Angeles, CA and streaming LIVE around the world. Whether you are here in person or at home, experiencing the ZBrush Summit is easy. Stay connected with our live feed. No matter where you are, we’ll be there!


Today we’re pleased to bring you a major update regarding what is in store:
:small_orange_diamond: On-Site Only Workshops - Once again, Pixologic is offering in-depth workshops. Taught by luminaries in a variety of industries, they represent an incredible opportunity for honing your ZBrush skills. The workshops are also exclusive, limited to a maximum of 16 people in order to give you the greatest possible access to these stellar instructors. Each of these exciting workshops covers a specific area of ZBrush use. Each will last for four immersive hours. They will not be Livestreamed or made available as videos at a later date. The only way to get this in-depth training will be to come in person. Saturday, October 1

  • Fallout 4 Robotics Expert: Hard Surface Techniques with Dennis Mejillones and Lucas Hardi of Bethesda Game Studios - SOLD OUT!
  • Anatomy Fast-Track in ZBrush with Andrew Cawrse - SOLD OUT!
  • Anatomy of the Creature with Bryan Wynia, Denzil Oneill and Jason Martin - SOLD OUT!

Sunday, October 2

  • Techniques for Character Design and Key Art Production with Peter Konig - SOLD OUT!
  • Digital Sculpting for Toys and Collectibles with Joe Menna - SOLD OUT!
  • Jewelry and Product Design for Printing with Tomas Wittelsbach - SOLD OUT!

All workshops are now sold out. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t attend the rest of the Summit. There’s a lot going on!

:small_orange_diamond: Live Presentations - We are now pleased to announce the presentation schedule. These are open to all attendees and will be livestreamed worldwide.Friday, September 30

  • Anatomy Tools, with Andrew Cawrse
  • Disney Animation with Zack Petroc, Alena Wooten, Dylan Ekren, Suzan Kim and Sergi Caballer
  • Square Enix
  • Naughty Dog with Frank Tzeng, Colin Thomas, Yibin Jiang and Adam Scott

Saturday, October 1

  • Displacing the Past and Sculpting the Future with Seth Thompson
  • Blizzard Entertainment with Michael Vicente, Paul "BirD" Warzecha and Shannon Thomas
  • LAIKA Entertainment with Chris Tran
  • Concept and Character Design with Peter Konig
  • Backwards Workflow for Printing Jewelry with Tomas Wittelsbach

Sunday, October 2

  • Bethesda Game Studios with Dennis Mejillones and Lucas Hardi
  • The Art of Toy Design with Brian Baity
  • ID Software with Bryan Wynia, Denzil Oneill and Jason Martin
  • Oculus with Giovanni Nakpil
  • Sculpting Secondary Forms and Analyzing References with Glauco Longhi

View the full schedule for times, bios and more. CLICK HERE.

:small_orange_diamond: The LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off Championship, which will be Livestreamed so that everyone can see these terrific artists in action. This year we are splitting the contest into two parts: separate Organic and Hard Surface competitions. See the list of competitors here. Who will take home the championship belt? You will get to vote starting Friday afternoon.

:small_orange_diamond: Second Annual ZBrush Awards - View the nominees for this year! The prestigious awards themselves will be presented at the ZBrush Summit.

…and more!

Full Schedule

Be sure to Register now so that you can stay informed as more information is made available in the coming weeks. Still to be revealed: The competitors in the LIVE Sculpt-Off and the nominees for the ZBrush Awards.

Visit the Summit Site for EVERYTHING!

Live and breathe ZBrush with dynamic presentations and panel discussions from a variety of industries. There will also be prizes given away both on-site and online after every presentation!

With the exception of the Workshops, attendance – both online and in person – is completely FREE! So mark your calendars and don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this year’s ZBrush Summit!

I am sure we can expect some great announces during the summit :slight_smile:
Someone says FIVE?!?

Can’t wait!!! I watch it from Europe…the following Monday is pretty brutal, but well worth it…every time.

Congrats on the top-row btw! :smiley:

They will not be Livestreamed or made available as videos at a later date. The only way to get this in-depth training will be to come in person.

That’s nice and all but nothing to get excited about when you’re in europe.
What about presentations that are streamed?

Have you seen the videos from last year? That was all streamed. Loads of great stuff!

Yea saw it all. And it was great. That’s why i want to be excited about this year’s streamed content :).

i’m waiting

Shame I can’t go.

Hopefully they announce what we all hope they will :slight_smile:

ZBrush V5!!!:smiley:

If you’re ever in New York look me up Pixologic. Sucks being on the other side of the continent when things like this go down. Nothing ever seems to happen on this side. I doubt I’ll be able to go but have a blast and I look forward to streaming it.

Such a big lineup can’t wait . Will there be a Pixologic demonstration? Always enjoy seeing Paul Gaboury and Joseph Drust work their magic.Always fun and intuitive.

SO EXCITED!!! What a great line-up!

It’s finally happening! I am Finally Going to Hollywood
to see Pixologic, Gnomon School, and many ZBrush
members for the first time in 15 years volunteering for
the community! ZBrush Summit, HERE I COME!
What a dream come true! ‪


Super looking forward to to event and seeing friends/old coworkers present! I will be there hiring if anyone is looking for projects along with having fun at the Summit and Andrew’s follow up anatomy class! :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

Ofer? and the France visiting, when?
It so frustrating to follow from far these meet up…

Have fun pixols doodlers,
and don’t hesitate to post a lot of videos.


Here you go: Current Time in L.A.

Sweet… Waiting for some BIG NEWS…

Same, I am interested in watching, “The LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off Championship”.

Any idea when the live stream will start for New York City time? Also where is the best place the stream?

TDP3D it starts at 3pm est our time and the best place to watch it is at http://www.livestream.com/pixologic/zbrush

Great thank you :slight_smile:

I seem to be going around in circles, where is the link to the live stream? It says I got to regester for link, then I get the message the event is started with no link to it?

Thanks, Dan

tez it’s starting in ruffly around 3 hours and 32 min. just google your time zone compared to pdt which is california time.

The link to watch the Summit will be sent out shortly before it begins, which will be at noon, PACIFIC TIME.

You will also be able to go to http://summit.pixologic.com/streaming.php for access.


I’ve lit 5 big candles and I’m praying to the ZBrush gods to let the new version come down upon us from Pixologic heaven.