*** Introducing Spotlight and Lightbox

What if the world was your palette and ZBrush was your Canvas?

What if you could have instant access to billions of images?

What if you could then use those images for reference, texturing, and sculpting?

What [color=Orange]if you could do all this with out ever leaving ZBrush?

What if, is the question…
Z4 is the answer!

We are thrilled to introduce to you Spotlight and Lightbox Two new and exciting features of ZBrush4 Enjoy this exclusive look at Spotlight and Lightbox in action...

ZBrush4 will be a free upgrade for all registered users of ZBrush on Windows and Mac systems.

Getting ready for the upgrade is easy, and linked to your Support Account

If you have already created a support account, simply log in and check to make sure that you have provided your Cleverbridge reference number and ZBrush 3 serial number. If you have not created an account yet, do so and be sure to include the information from your purchase (reference and serial numbers). Your support account pre-registers you to receive the upgrade when it’s released.

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:white_small_square:Special Thanks to Adam Bolton and Magdalena Dadela for providing their ZBrush sculpts shown in this movie.

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Haha… crazy good stuff! :+1: :+1: :+1:

PS:Best product intro vid in a long time!

Holy cow!!! Z4 is gonna be so sweet!

So many astonishing tools and features during the last few weeks that I fear whats coming as a “surprise” for the actual release.

Z4 is going to be mind blowing.

eehehheh , its just a small preview ....you guys dont will belive how its amazing!
Congratulations again guys !!

Alex Oliver

Amazingly sick sick stuff!

You guys have done it again!

Can’t wait to test this out. Keep up the great work! :+1:

This looks promising.

Not to take anything for granted but…will these tools also work with images on a local network, or are they restricted to images on the www?

That’s Zomg!

Wow guys - looks sweet … many cool features :smiley:

Speechless - I can only imagine what is being kept back for the actual release. Can you guys buy Autodesk please?


Zbrush 4 ROCKS!!! :eek:

ZBrush always surprises with innovative features, texturing will be easier than ever:+1:


Im always amazed at the scope and generosity of Z-Brush and its community.

It looks realy great. Congratulations.

Holy moly!:eek:

Mudbox schmudbox!

Man, you guys are on a roll lately. Good news!

Although, having an infinite number of images has limited use to a lot of people (including me), I rarely if ever use ZBrush for painting because there are no layers/blending modes for textures. Hopefully we’ll have texture layers in Z4! :slight_smile:

Pixologic u making the world of 3d way different i cant wait till i get my hands on zbrush 4 :+1: rock on

holy hell:D

Two words that come to mind are Holy and Crap! That looks simply awesome.