*** Introducing GoZ


One of the core functions of ZBrush has always been to provide artists with the ability to create in an environment that allows for complete freedom of expression. The lack of technical barriers that make working with in ZBrush feel like real world sculpting and painting is why so many have created such ground breaking work.

We would now like to introduce you to, GoZ, a new core feature of ZBrush that will bring you even closer to creating at the speed of your imagination. With GoZ, artists can spend less time on technical aspects, and more time on simply being creative. With a single click of a button, GoZ lets you quickly transfer your geometry back and forth between ZBrush and other 3D application like Maya, Cinema 4D, and Modo, with many other applications soon to come. This means that you can place ZBrush and its GoZ feature at the center of any workflow. Not only can you instantly transfer geometry between ZBrush and other 3D applications, but any texture, normal, and displacement maps created with in ZBrush will automatically be connected to the appropriate shader networks in the program of your choosing. Now you are free to work with out the distraction of timely export and import operations. GoZ breaks down the walls between other applications extending the power and fluid nature of ZBrush even further. GoZ is actually a small glimpse at the many powerful features that have been developed for ZBrush 4. At this time we will be releasing the first version of GoZ with the next Mac OSX update in June, Windows users will be able to take advantage of GoZ along with all of the new features that have been added to ZBrush 4 when it is released this August.

For now enjoy the preview movie and get ready to

A detailed GoZ communication protocol and software development kit (sdk) will be made available at GoZ.com following the release of GoZ.
This will enable you to easily customize GoZ to fit your existing pipeline.

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How many times can one say YOU GUYS ROCK!!! AWESOME!!!

You didn’t even touch on the fact that you can now skin and envelope your mesh in your external app and then shoot that back to ZBrush!!!

My head is now spinning with ideas! :slight_smile:


great for pipelines!
looking forward to testing this out.

I’ve dreamt of that button!!!

You Pixo Crew are mind readers? :eek:

Simply awesome!

You guys at Pixologic are awesome!! :smiley:


Now make it work with 3ds max 2010! :+1:

YES. Please say Max is coming soon…boy I could really use that right now! The adding of edgeloops and altering topology outside of ZB and bringing it back AND keeping your subdivision work was definitely exciting to see…

This looks CRAZY! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :slight_smile:

wow amazing just what i wanted!

That is awesome. All of my gripes about the process of moving between ZBrush and Maya are going to be erased.

Keep up the great work!


WI CKED ! Kick ass guys, you are really workflow pionneers. Pixologic will stay in history.

omg zbrush is kick a** :smiley:

where is it for max!

Oh my GoZ!!!

Nice!!! When will they release it for 3ds max?? :cry:

“less time spent on technical aspects means more time for creativty”

thanks pixologic!:cool:

Mac users get this two months before Windows users? That’s pretty lame.

If this works as easily and seamlessly as the video shows, it will be harder to wait for version 4.
GO PIXOLOGIC! Heheh… you guys rock! :wink:

That’s just awesome :slight_smile: Good to hear that OS X users are first this time. As Cinema 4D user I can’t wait to get my hands on that. Looking forward to it!

Thomas P.