Intervain's Sketchbook


Dzieki :wink:

Here’s a new personal project - a Cavalier. :slight_smile: Hope you like it. The bronze version was rendered in Substance Painter with Iray.




love the cavalier!


Thank you, I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Great boots.


Magda you should 3d print it in bronze! that would be cool


Wyatt - thanks :slight_smile:

Seb - hey, nice to hear from you! yeah might be cool indeed :slight_smile: gotta give it a think :wink:


Dear Magdalena,
really impressive sculpt. Compliments.
I can’t in bronze, but if you like, I will be honoreted to print your Cavalier for free and post here the final result.
Compliments for your work.


Mattia it’s nice to hear from you :slight_smile: We may have to talk


Really nice details, love the pose and the shader!!


Gorgeous sculpt ! His gloves and boots have so much character !


He remind’s me of little brass figures I used to have as a kid.
You’re very skilled - very cool details there


Ouran - thank you I’m glad you think so.

nebular - thanks a lot for the comment, I appreciate the kind words.


…the Musketeer! :sunglasses:


hehe, the same period for sure:) Thanks for looking!

Made a few small refinements to the texture in SP and some new rends against a lighter bg because I wasn’t happy with the previous version. Thought I’d post a couple images here too.



Very nice piece!


A lovely addition of the refined patina to bring out the soul of the piece:+1:


Tristanartform and boozy floozie thank you both :slight_smile:


another great sculpt Magdalena, I always admire how you manage to keep such a consistent high quality throughout every detail of your works :slight_smile:


molossus - cheers :wink:

here’s something small, for fun


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