Intervain - sketchbook

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted here for way too long. Time to start a sketchbook I think :slight_smile: Here’s a few models I worked on lately in my spare time:

Death of the endless - a bit of fanart, based on Neil Gaiman’s character [rendered in vray]


Sherlock - another bit of fan art, just some fun :slight_smile:


Finall, current WIP - that’s what this thread is for, Summer dress - I started her this week… early days, lots to be done :slight_smile:



Missing a few images? LOoks great what you have. LOve how your using textures to get extra detail looks fantastic in Vray. I guess that is better than mental ray now? I’ve been out of the loop. I’m Fascinated by the difference in folding for materials too.

Thanks a lot. Vray’s more streamlined, straight forward imo. Do you mean pics are not showing up?

Goth girl rendered and zbrush realtime shaded are posted. Nothing else.

cheers - hope it works now…

Beautiful work again Magdalena. You never dissapoint. :+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Good to see you posting again. Will definitely keep my eye on this thread :slight_smile:

that zbrushworkshops tutorial is an incomplete incoherent mess and id like my money back…this OPINION deosn’t take away from the fact that you make quality models

zber2 - thank you

mr.BananaS - thanks, I hope to update regularly…

jeh in - I’m sorry you feel that way.:confused:

That’s really strange. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials - Digital Tutors, Gnomon, FxPhd, CmiVfx, ZBrushWorkshops, etc - and I thought that yours was well done. You spoke clearly and didn’t stumble around much considering there wasn’t a great deal of obvious editing going on. With that said, I didn’t think that it showed much that I didn’t know - but for someone new to the material I can’t imagine them being that disappointed.

Really nice models, Intervain - I especially like Death. She’s always been a special lady to me, ever since she first showed up in the books, and I think you captured her charm. Always nice to see your work. Cheers!

Great works Magdalena! Congratz!

cdizzle - thank you! Yes it was geared more towards someone who’s fairly new to the workflow. It was the first time I’ve made a tutorial and I can totally understand there are different opinions around :slight_smile: God knows I have mine on some tuts I’ve watched [and I also watched pretty much all that’s out there LOL]. It’s ok we learn all our life and die stupid :wink: I definitely learned a lot doing it.
Glad you like the models.

eof3d - thanks man :slight_smile:

good job

really nice stuff Magdalena, always like seeing your work :slight_smile: you’ve been a source of inspiration for me for years

wow very cool sculpts!

thanks for sharing these, i always loved your work. my favorite is the last one, the expression on her face and the whole character is just perfect, congrats!

Awesome work! Excellent sculpt faces!

(Forgive me for advice. … But slightly short upper arm - “humerus”.)
Sincerely Lexxx69.

The facial Expressions and overall pose really bring these characters to life.

thanks guys!

dandan - thanks sir, you knocked it out of the park with your latest stuff. Thanks for the inspiration, it’s so great to see mech free post ahhaha!

Lexxx69 - thank you, advice is most welcome, I stare at it so long I stop seeing things :slight_smile:

Hey great work !:+1:small_orange_diamond:D