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Share your Insert Multi Mesh Brushes!

Now that ZBrush 4R4 is out, we’re excited to see that some artists are already starting to contribute IMM Brushes to the community. These are an extremely powerful feature in the new release, letting you easily build brushes for specialized purposes – anything from parts to build a spaceship to facial parts or various types of stitches for clothing. The sky’s the limit!

In order to maximize the benefit of sharing IMM Brushes with the community, we’ve created this thread. Please post your IMM Brush creations here. Be sure to include a description of the brush, one or more illustrations showing what it does and what its options are, and a download link.

Don’t forget that ZBrush also allows you to create custom icons for your brushes and with ZBrush 4R4 you can also add your name and website URL! (See page 69 of the ZBrush 4R4 What’s New PDF included in your Documentation folder.) This makes sharing your IMM Brushes an excellent way to build recognition for yourself as an artist!

We can’t wait to see what kinds of brushes you create and share in this thread.

Happy ZBrushing!

In order to keep this thread serving primarily serving as a library, please DO NOT post questions here. We have created a special thread for that, which you can find By Clicking Here



Finally ZBrush has brought true kit bashing to the digital age! How cool is that?


P.S. Just wanted to tell Mike Pov. thanks for all the ZClassroom video’s. These are really well done and I am learning a ton from you! Thanks to the Zcrew as well, amazing update! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication!

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hey Guys! Awesome Topic !! Can’t wait to see more stuff in here !
Heres mine =) A Basic Leather Straps Brush. Hope you like it! Unfortunaly it seems like the Insert Mesh Brush feature kills the UVs :frowning: Is there a workaround for this ?


have fun with it !BasicLeatherStraps.zip (286 KB)




I missed this one, here the spring.
Spring.jpgSpring_IMM.zip (24.8 KB)


What directory are you supposed to store them in so that zbrush has them when it launches? Zdata?

oops please remove the post than. But add that to the first post.

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Great idea opening a thread for this! :slight_smile:

Here are the brushes I made so far…



BC_IMM_01.jpgHF_BikeChain_IMM.zip (55.2 KB)HF_Rope_IMM.zip (427 KB)





This thread is awesome! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Can’t wait till my school upgrades to 4r4 to get my hands on it to test all those nice new features and all of your fancy brushes. :smiley:
Hope i can build something too to share then. :wink:

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I tried the leather straps brushes, and all I got was a link of rings… did I miss a setting? Also where are these supposed to be stored at, folder wise? I can’t seem to locate any installed ones at all, unless none were installed in the update.

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Here is a Multi Mesh that I hope is helpful. Quickly add primitives from a single brush. Enjoy!


Insert Primitives.zip (81.1 KB)Insert Primitives.zip (81.1 KB)




Hola! many thanks for all this people, see ya !

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This thread is going to be awesome (it already is, thanks for sharing guys) :smiley:

For those who might not have explored the program yet, I’d just like to also recommend opening Lightbox and checking out some of the Beta Tester brushes that are tucked away there.

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Just to follow up a little on MealeaYing’s great post above:

If you don’t want to keep these cool new new IMM brushes in your brush preset folder here’s an alternative.

You can create another folder in the 4r4 folder, I named mine ‘ZInsertBrushes’. (note: In Windows 7 that would probably be located here: Computer>Local Disk ©>Program Files (x86)>Pixologic>Zbrush 4R4. The new folder will just be in there along with the ZTools, ZProjects, ZBrushes etc.
To access those new brushes while your working on a project just open the ‘Brushes Pallet’ and click the ‘Load Brush’ button in the lower left corner. Then browse to your new folder, select the IMM brush of your choice.
If the IMM brush you select has multiple parts or tools in it, hit the hotkey M to see all the options. Then click on the one that you need for your project and draw it out.

Thanks so much to all of you folks making and posting these new IMM brushes. So generous with your time.

Have fun all.


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Not sure if this would be useful for anyone, but this was my first try at doing the triparts insert mesh. It’s just a simple robot arm like the ones on the old Lost in Space robot:


RobotClawArm.zip (15.3 KB)robotarms.JPGRobotClawArm.zip (15.3 KB)


Thank to MealeaYing for typing all those instructions out! And B9 robot arms? Yep, I’ll have to grab those as well! Thanks!

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Playing around with Chainmail:
ZB_InsertChianmail_Preview.jpginsert_chainmail.zip (426 KB)




Thank you, everyone!

These are great!

Break The Chains!.jpg

Some great stuff here! Love the chain-mail! Here’s my small contribution. A simple chain insert brush. Tried it out on my MatCap Testing Model. Seemed to work pretty good. Hope it proves useful to someone.

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Wow, great brushes and they are all going to be so useful!

Wow, awesome brushes everyone!!!

awesome brushes !! thanks for sharing !