IMM live Boolean not working


  • I create a tool (subdivide it, make it a Polymesh3d)
  • Insert a subtool and scale it down and make it invisible. Select it
  • Now I drag the IMM Boolean Brush on the surface and it bools out the shape of the brush from the higher tool
  • As soon as I release the mouse button the boolean disappears which it should not…right?
  • The IMM boolean brush shapes are there (visible with the line draw feature) but they do not bool out/in.

Am I missing something?


Hello @ceend

The visibility toggle (eyeball icon in the subtool entry) must be toggled on for the Live Boolean effect to work. Additionally, you may want to rotate your model slightly in the viewport to force the screen to refresh. The visual appearance may not update until you do this.

Note that you are also missing an important update for ZBrush. Be sure to pick that up!

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You are right. In the Pavlovich tut the eyeball is switched off and it is working. But nevermind. Your solution works. Thx!

For Live Booleans you have to have all that subtools for boolean operation visible. If you want to see meshes which are substracted, you need select that subtool and use Polyframe.