Hi guys,
made this illustration only with ZBrush.
It may be a bit hard to find a focus, but it just came out that way.

hope you like it even though it’s a bit weird.



Cool…the Netherlands’ version of “Zap” comics.

Nice I like it.

I like it


Me likes it!

Thanks for the replies guys.

updated an older pic…have to run, see ya later.



keep it up, its a really interesting look.

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies… :wink:

I like your stuff!

Glad that you like it.

Here’s another one I’m finished with today. Maybe I’ll color it when I get the time.




your style is unique i like all of them.those shrooms are magic;)

Very cool work and wonderful to see something creative vs the usual monster workups. Really enjoying these. The last one is very impressive. :wink:

Thanks Jason :wink:

here’s another one I’m working at.
It’s weird again… sorry. :smiley:
I used Zsphere’s to create the siamese twins and the rest are just deformed basic shapes.



Dang… another transporter accident…
:wink: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Although I can’t say I’m in love with the subject matter (pic # one or this last one), I must say I think your color palettes are wonderful. :+1:

that last pic is great! nice work

Awesome stuff man, keep up the good work :).

…style :cool:

Thanks for the compliments guys.

Here’s another one I made in the spirit of Hallow’s eve… a bit late I know… no mind.

I call it Beakers Night out

Greets, Bimm


Bonito, quizás se pierde detalle en las cosas demasiado oscuras. El sombrero, por ejemplo se funde on el cielo.